RKR Weekly Q≥A 07

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Jul 102011

Since humans are the only species on the planet to make appointments, are we the only ones who are ever late? Whenever a man feels […]

RKR Weekly Q≥A 06

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Jul 032011

Wouldn’t a more logical name for a wristwatch be a “wristglance”? Are conspiracy theorists actually a cohesive, global, secret society posing as wingnuts flinging crazy […]

RKR Weekly Q≥A 05

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Jun 262011

If they’re now made out of plastic and metal, why are they still called “Glasses”? When it isn’t a double negative not being clearly positive, […]

RKR Weekly Q≥A 04

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Jun 192011

If dogs only see in black and white, why are their chew toys always made in vibrant colours? Since we use paper napkins and paper […]

Jun 122011

Is it really fair that bullies are the only group exempt from anti-bullying protection? If even one single conspiracy theory was ever proven to be […]

RKR Weekly Q≥A 02

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Jun 052011

Would attempted suicide – a crime – be better deterred if it was subject to the death penalty? Would voter turnout be higher if instead […]

RKR Weekly Q≥A 01

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May 292011

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, can we have our Civil Rights back? If teachers claim to have equal rights to parents in raising […]