Jun 292011

Astrology – Ancient “science” of excusing bad behavior, legitimizing prejudice, and imposing unrealistic expectations based on when your mother scheduled her C-section. e-discussing – A […]

Jun 222011

Buckshot – Every dollar spent on government “studies.” Homosceptic – Being sceptical about the key presuppositions of the gay rights movement, such as the beliefs […]

Jun 152011

Embargo – Passive-aggressive bullying. Evolution – The God-given ability to change, grow, and improve as circumstances allow or require it. Foreign Aid – When the […]

Jun 082011

Gaydumb Media – Members of the media who embrace without question the slogans, lies and bogus research used by gay activists and foolishly assert them […]

Jun 012011

Avoidance – (see Talking in Circles) Ethical – Corporate legalese insinuating no wrongdoing in the exploitation of Third World resources. Keyless Entry – A rock […]