Jun 012011

Avoidance – (see Talking in Circles)

Ethical – Corporate legalese insinuating no wrongdoing in the exploitation of Third World resources.

Keyless Entry – A rock thrown through a window.

Runaround – (see Avoidance)

SexUcation – The strategic abuse of the public education system by the pharmaceutical marketing gurus to encourage the youth to engage in sexual acts that will result in a greater demand for their products thus increasing the profit margins of the multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations.  These marketing strategies are embraced by horny leftist teachers and their unions.

Shampoo – Soap with a gargantuan ad budget.

Silly-Putty – Soft questions of little substance, no verification, and fabricated assertions, such as those lobbed at like-minded guests by interviewers like Bill Good.

Talking in Circles – (see Runaround)

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