Jul 132011

BlogStar – A writer who comments on his or her own personal blog and enjoys recognition as a thought provoking contributor to matters of civic importance, whose commentary is worth sharing.

Carbon Footprint – Measurement of cow farts.

Glass Jaw – Malady suffered by most politicians whose jaws would break at the mere utterance of a truthful statement.

Loony – A one dollar coin in Canada, with a picture of a Loon on one side and a picture of some sort of water bird on the other side.

Panty Hose – Used to put out panty fires.

Registered Voter – A) Any person with the legal right to put their life in the hands of the corrupt, the inept, and the untruthful.
B) An enabler.

Thinking Cap – Limit to how much thinking is allowed. In government, the Thinking Cap is lower than a knee cap.

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