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RoadKill Radios Community Partners Program

RoadKill Radio, WOW Corp. and our other corporate partners value the opportunity to be of service to many individuals and organizations who strive to ensure that our nation’s statutes and community values reflect and protect the natural family, sanctity of life, liberty, the Rule of Law and all facets of our democracy that define a Civil Canadian Society.

The Community Partners Program assists those who strive to actively and democratically participate in ensuring these values are represented, realized, and sometimes even recovered from near extinction. The Community Partners Program offers a vast library of information and resources. Our advocacy division works tirelessly on behalf of those—both individuals and groups—who require assistance.

We thank all those who donate their time and resources to this important work.

If you require assistance please send us an email detailing the help you require, promotion of an event, advocacy (child apprehension etc), education related, referral, etc.

  4 Responses to “Community Partners”

  1. Thank you Road Kill Radio.   Your resources and knowledge are second to none.

    Your leadership will help make BC a progressive society again that values equal rights and freedoms for all and will stop the left wing special interest groups and their hidden agendas.

  2. Thank you RKR. We need more people/media like you who speak the truth in this society which is full of unrighteous issues. The public has been long misled by the left-leaned media. RKR, keep the good work………………………….

  3. Our society is in a moral rapid fall. The pegs that held our societies values in place have been removed and now every manner of evil is ok. It is time for Canadians to wake up and smell the burnt coffee. Our society needs a massive overhaul before every remnant of what made it great is devoured and replaced by loose valued, unprincipled, lawless women and men (oh wait, that’s already happened). Ok, scratch that, our nation has been taken over and it is time for an uprising of righteousness and fury against evil.

    • look how corrupt this part of our contry now they send someone after us that is above the law of the land call SOCIAL SERVICE no investigations no service to show up for court just KIDNAP THE KIDS AND ask questions later as long they convince the judge they dont care if it true or not. WE like to be judge with facts and thruth not a bunch of fabrication by a incompetent SOCIAL WORKER

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