Roadside Assistance


Important Pit Stops on the Information Highway:

BC Parents and Teachers for Life – Life Views

William Gairdner – Just one man’s effort to fight back.

Howard Galganov – Cutting through the fog.

Ron Gray / Family Freedom Fighters – Protecting the Family Against the State

Deborah Gyapong – A blog on religion, politics and storytelling in an age when the truth seems stranger than fiction.

Mark Hasiuk / The Mark Hasiuk Show – Where Truth Prevails.

John Laws / Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh – The Culture of Life, in the pit of Moloch’s furnace.

Mass Resistance – the pro-family action center for Massachusetts — and beyond!

Kate McMillan / Small Dead Animals – The Roadkill Diaries.

Denise Mountenay / Canada Silent No More – Choose Life!

Defending Parents – The Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund.

Terry O’Neill“I’d rather be faithful to what I see as the truth than grovel before the grubby altar of misinformed public opinion.”

Clare L. Pieuk / Cyber Smoke Blog – “The law is an ass!” ~ Mr. Bumble from Oliver Twist

Kathy Shaidle / Five Feet of Fury – author of Acoustic Ladyland: Kathy Shaidle Unplugged.

Kari Simpson / RoadKill Radio – Fueled by Facts and Driven by Truth.

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