Jun 122011
  • Is it really fair that bullies are the only group exempt from anti-bullying protection?
  • If even one single conspiracy theory was ever proven to be true, would conspiracy theorists still believe it?
  • Does the grass seem greener on the other side if you’re looking through rose-coloured glasses?
  • If the early bird catches the worm, does that mean that worms sleep in late?
  • If the invention of the wheel was one of Mankind’s greatest accomplishments, was the invention of the fifth wheel one of Its low points?
  • If cloth diapers are better for the environment, why don’t we also use cloth toilet rolls?
  • In the whole Creationism v. Evolution debate, doesn’t anybody think that God is clever enough to have created Evolution?

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  One Response to “RKR Weekly Q≥A 03”

  1. The RCMP have pettry much established themselves as pro Campbell. They had been asked to, further investigate Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR, they flatly refused. Mind you, they desperately want their provincial contract, to be renewed. We all know, Campbell cuts the throats of, anyone opposing him. That we have seen, more than once. Perhaps, the RCMP don’t want to rock the boat. Just don’t expect them to come forward with anything. I have found it amazing, what people are willing to sell their souls for. The Crown did file for the documents regarding the corrupt sale. I think, that comes up, Jan 11, 2011. If the Crown gets them, you can count on Campbell shredding them. We know the judicial system is corrupt. Again though, Campbell will cut the throat of the judge, if they don’t play ball. De Jongs blatant cover-up, and his thieving the tax payer dollars, to pay the expenses of Basi and Virk, has really sunk him, to run for office. The BC Liberals and mla’s, have supported a monster, killing their political careers, for what? A criminal, who belongs in prison, that’s what.

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