Jun 052011
  • Would attempted suicide – a crime – be better deterred if it was subject to the death penalty?
  • Would voter turnout be higher if instead of getting one of those lame “I Voted” stickers upon leaving the voting booth, we got a ten dollar bill?
  • If the meek shall inherit the earth, will it be the aggressive who collect the hefty inheritance tax?
  • If 18% of Canadians are planning to retire on their Lotto winnings, are the rest of us planning to spend our Lotto winnings frivolously?
  • Why doesn’t The Psychic Hotline call me when I have a question for them?
  • If dogs have masters and cats have staff, do parakeets have cleaning services and fish have pool boys?
  • If the sun goes supernova and vaporizes the Earth, will my property taxes go down?

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