Jun 262011
  • If they’re now made out of plastic and metal, why are they still called “Glasses”?
  • When it isn’t a double negative not being clearly positive, shouldn’t we use a third negative to clear things up, or at least a double positive?
  • In science’s quest to find intelligent life in the Universe, has anyone tried posting an ad on Craigslist?
  • Since sunglasses were only invented in the 13th Century, can we assume that before then the sun wasn’t as bright as it is now?
  • When the government fails to deliver the quality of services that we pay for with our taxes, why don’t we get a refund?
  • Since arrows are held in a quiver, are bullets held in a shudder?
  • Since it’s not politically correct anymore to color code our baby boys and girls blue and pink, can we start bar coding them instead?

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