Jul 102011
  • Since humans are the only species on the planet to make appointments, are we the only ones who are ever late?
  • Whenever a man feels insecure about being bald, why doesn’t he just say his head’s a convertible with the top down?
  • Is it difficult to call an anarchists’ meeting to order?
  • Since “prime” is the French word for “bonus”, why isn’t “bonus” the French word for “prime”?
  • Exactly when – and why – did the news media start vilifying decent Christian values? Seriously, I want to know.
  • Wouldn’t the best way to get the wealthy to support Welfare programs be to raise their tax rates to 100%?
  • How can anyone expect the U.S. and Canada to come to a mutually satisfactory Free Trade Agreement when they can’t even agree on one way to pronounce “Z”?

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