Apr 092011

The Maiden Voyage Of Radio On “Galganov Dot Com

For our very first LIVE ON-LINE Radio Broadcast ever, my co-host is none other than American/Canadian Conservative Activist par excellence, Kari Simpson, who co-hosts on her own incredible On-Line Broadcast…full promo
This str8talkaholic & RKR editor thinks you will like this little taste of “Galganov talk” –
Galganov Dot Com wants to play our part in unmasking the phonies who sit atop their ivory towers in institutions such as the United Nations. We will identify and expose tyrants and thugs. And we will call to task the hypocrites worldwide who do so much damage.
We will also strive to lay bare the dishonesty in much of the News Media. And we will hold to account the Do Nothing Do Gooders, who would sell their own down the river to be seen as the moderate good guys.
(The world is such a better place after I have had my “Galganov Galvinator fix”!)
Tune-in at Galganov.com!
Shaidle – Five Feet of Fabulous Fury
RoadKill Radio.com Tuesday’s show kicked-off with Kathy “Five Feet of Fury” Shaidle from Ontario, RKR tackled Ontario’s newest cultural phenomenon: Toronto’s “SlutWalk” (What organizers actually called it!). This is a HOOT, a must listen to show – especially if you need a good laugh while you become informed! If you are inclined to be offence-a-phobic, or a radical feminist with no sense of humour, well… probably best if you don’t listen! …full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Click here for Shaidle’s: Why Slutwalk is worse than burning the Koran
Politics – What Terry O’ really thinks! A lively political exchange with John Twigg

Terry O’Neill, introducing RoadKill Radio’s second guest, political columnist John Twigg – who conceded that he is a member of the NDP – commented on how the “downstream/oldstream” media have usurped election campaigns:
“I remember being part of meetings when the editorial managers said: ‘OK, we can’t let the politicians get away with running the campaign they want; we have to run the questions [we think] the people want…’
“And I thought: ‘This is their campaign; let’s just cover the campaign!’ But we didn’t.”
This lively and informative segment gave birth to the RoadKill Academy. During the show Terry & Kari recognized the need to assist the downstream/oldstream media muckers on how to conduct proper research – Terry O’ style!! Fun! …full story

Click here to listen/download this sparkling – rip & roar – exchange!
Don Spratt & Cissy von Dehn Court Update –
Thanks to ‘cop-shopping’, thought-crimes
may soon be coming into courts near you

Question: What happens if you pass out copies of legislation in front of an abortion mill?

Answer #1: The abortion mill goes cop-shopping. If at first they don’t find an officer who will arrest you, they’ll try, try again—and again, and yet again—until they do.

Answer# 2: When the abortion mill finally finds a compliant cop, the courts will put your life on hold for more than two years while they search for a way to pretend that you did something you actually did not do.

Those lessons were learned last week by pro-lifers Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn, arrested June 19, 2009 for doing something Vancouver Police had twice told Mrs. von Dehn was not against the law…full story here

Click here to listen/download the show
PM & NatPost reading RKR News?
Is someone on Stephen Harper’s strategy team reading RoadKill Radio News? How about National Post columnist Chris Selley? Maybe; maybe not; but the Prime Minister’s latest campaign announcement sounds a lot like a recent commentary here…full story
RKR reveals another BC family ripped apart by Ministry of Children & Family
Just a week after RoadKill Radio’s explosive exposé of how the provincial Ministry of Children and Families damaged the lives of the Bayne family, another BC family ripped apart by the Ministry’s destructive practices came to light Tuesday night on RKR.

Betty-Ann Burnett had been a high school teacher, with a background in family counseling; so it was natural, when she and Allan had their own children that she decided to stay home to raise them. Friends who’d had foster children, after seeing them with their own toddlers, suggested that they should also take foster children into their home…full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Check out Terry O’Neill’s latest “Torpedo Of Truth” Op-Ed in the Tri-City News! This is GREAT!! Click Here

Big Show on RoadKill Radio this Tuesday!! Ezra Levant…Sun Media!! I don’t have to say any more except – TUNE-IN!!

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