Apr 092011

Is someone on Stephen Harper’s strategy team reading RoadKill Radio News? Maybe; maybe not; but the Prime Minister’s latest campaign announcement sounds a lot like a recent commentary here.

The PM says if he wins a majority, he’ll end all taxpayer subsidies to political parties. In addition, other Tory spokesmen have said unions and corporations should not be allowed to make political donations. Why not? Because they’re dealing with other people’s money: funds that properly belong to union members or corporate shareholders—and not all of them will agree with management’s political use of their money.

That sounds like a direct quote from a commentary posted here last month!

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “It is tyrannical to compel a man to pay for the promulgation of ideas with which he does not agree.” To force taxpayers to support political parties whose policies they find repugnant, is tyranny!

But that’s what happens now: every Canadian taxpayer gives $2 a year to support political parties according to a formula devised by who? The four parties in the House of Commons! They divide about $30 million a year of your money among themselves, plus (sometimes) the Green Party.

Hmm RoadKill Radio thinks this is a good plan!! Axe this political tax!

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