Mar 172011

Show #92 Part 3

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8:30 – 9:30 pm: BETTY-ANN & ALLAN BURNETT share a story of heart-break as they watched their happy, thriving family destroyed by social workers who ripped 5 foster children from their home. MCFD Executive Director of Practice, BRUCE McNEILL – yes, same guy responsible for the BAYNE family destruction – plays a starring role in this case too! The Ministry of Destruction saga continues! One of those children, now considered an adult, is in jail; you must listen-in and hear the letter he wrote to the family he still loves.

  One Response to “Ministry of Destruction Stikes Again! – Betty-Ann & Allan Burnett”

  1. I was told my child was being adopted your application was dismissed my son’s father committed suicide when the adoption order was made my son will never get to have a relationship with his dad. At this stage at the court of appeal I had exhausted all avenues which I could appeal and i had exhausted all levels of government I took my case to legislative assembly I was supposed to get a further review and a fair hearing didn’t happen. I got a review from the Director Bruce Mcniell same guy as the Baynes he says the reasons why he is denying me a review. The Director did say I had provided him information I was currently able to parent but not his jurastriction he said the information I had provided him was not available at the time of the hearing and the hearing was 2002 the evidance I had was from 2002 so now almost 6 years later he says write him a letter so i did Feb 2012 in order to get any response and I did the Director says I have documents which support the return of my child a little to late so I take his letter back to court along with the documents the Director says MCFD never had and the courts granted me the opportunity to proceed and to get a fair hearing as the adoption order was improperly made and i was denied a lawyer sine the MCFD told me at court of appeal it is final your application has been dismissed this is significant since the MCFD has tried to destgtroy me i am fighting back and I’m taking back my power MCFD injustice must be exposed I hope you do more showsas people should know they really are the Ministry of distruction make MCFD accotable for the families they have destroyed! Finally I shared my story here because I thought you might like a succeßful story and maybe it would give someone hope FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!¡!

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