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Just a week after RoadKill Radio’s explosive exposé of how the provincial Ministry of Children and Families damaged the lives of the Bayne family, another BC family ripped apart by the Ministry’s destructive practices came to light Tuesday night on RKR.

Betty-Ann Burnett had been a high school teacher, with a background in family counseling; so it was natural, when she and Allan had their own children that she decided to stay home to raise them. Friends who’d had foster children, after seeing them with their own toddlers, suggested that they should also take foster children into their home.

The Burnett’s first foster-child was the 2-year-old son of a 16-year-old who was pregnant again.
“Then we took a family of four–same mother, four different fathers… In 2001, we were planning to adopt them; the mother of these four was very supportive; she also wanted protection from her brother, who had put her on the street.

“Then she passed away. [One of the children] wrote to her Mom; the social worker found out that the mother had died. We were told not to tell the children. The social worker was going to tell them, because she was ‘a professional’.

“The social worker and the team leader came to our home. ‘I guess you’re wondering why we’re here,’ she said to the children. ‘Your mother passed away.’

“The kids asked, ‘Passed away? What does that mean?’

“She told them, ‘She died.’

“The oldest boy asked, ‘Will there be a funeral? Can we go?’

“The social worker said, ‘No. She’ll be burned.'”

“Very professional!” exclaimed Terry O’Neill. “What tact!”

“[The oldest boy] remembered having his hand burned on a stove; he remembered the pain. He was very upset,” said Mrs. Burnett.

Kari Simpson said, “The Ministry knew she was sick, but they didn’t make any arrangements for the children to see her…”

Mary-Ann Burnett answered, “The children were not allowed to see her. They arranged for the children to be taken to see their grandmother in another province; the children were terrified. They’d never met their grandmother, and they thought they were going to have to stay with her.”
At that point, Kari Simpson, who had by then become involved in the family’s problems, intervened; and instead, the grandmother came to see the children at the Burnett’s home.

“They were talented kids,” Kari recalls. “You had them in a singing group; they used to sing at seniors’ homes… they were also good swimmers and skiers.”

“A new social worker came on the case,” recalled Mary-Ann Burnett. “We had a new one about every six months. The previous one had said because the singing group was called ‘The Burnett Singers’, the foster children, who were part of the group, could use the Burnetts’ name. But the new one said, ‘No. You have to use your legal names.’

“By this time, [the oldest boy, by then 14] was pretty disturbed, and began staying out late. He started smoking marijuana…

“One day, he showed up a school with some marks on his neck. The social worker said, ‘Call the police.’

“Another social worker came on [the case] in December; she hadn’t even met my husband… she spoke to me on two occasions before she took them [the children] and laid charges of assault [against Allan Burnett]…

“The social worker took [T] to the police; she told them he couldn’t write very well [which was not true], so she prepared the police statement for him…

“I was home with the other four children–[V & T] were not there at the time–and the social worker, a child protection officer, and two police came and said, ‘We’re here to arrest your husband for assault.’ The police took the children downstairs. They told me, ‘We’re going to have to remove your husband from the home while we investigate this.’

“I said, ‘No way.’ Then they said, ‘We’re going to have to make emergency accommodation for the children.’ They went to the children and said, ‘We’re going to take you to another place, just for a night or two. Get a change of clothes.’

“[J1] ran away; [J2] went to the police and said, ‘This is wrong. My Dad’s a good man.’
“It was like a circus on our front lawn. [J2] tried to hide behind a tree, but the police found him. Later, I got a call from [J1]: ‘I’m at my friend’s; can I come home?’
“The social worker got a restraining order, saying that [T] can’t stay there. So [when he called] I had to say, ‘I’m sorry; you can’t stay here.’
“My husband was going to court every month. It was always a Ministry delay. After a year, he was acquitted.”
Kari Simpson recalled, “During this time I got a call from [V]–an articulate, concise, brilliant young woman… We had a secret meeting at the school. She said, ‘We want to come home.’
“We got them home; they escaped from the social workers. And when the social workers and the police came for them, I had the media there. The social workers and the police all disappeared.”
Mary-Ann Burnett told RKR, “After that, the children were afraid to go to school.
“The Ministry sent a letter saying that the children [could go to school; they] would not be apprehended. But the social worker went to the school and took them, one at a time.”
The story of that deception sparked a memory for Terry O’Neill: “We did an exposé of the social work school when I was editor of BC Report. They taught the students, ‘In the interest of your client, break the law. The law can be stupid. Do what you have to do; what you think is right.'”
Kari Simpson recalled, “One boy was on his own; we got him a lawyer. This young man ended up being able to stay in your home.”
Mrs. Burnett said, “He was five when he arrived. He was 17 when the Ministry decided he should try ‘independent living’… He thought this would be good, because he’d be able to get his sisters to live with him. These children have not lived together since 2002.
“[A] would phone and say, ‘Mom, I’m not supposed to talk to you. I’m in Port Moody.’ By this time, she was seriously into crack cocaine. [B] is doing well; she’s out of this province.
“How many social workers do you know who have so much time on their hands that… this social worker has been in touch with her–she’s now 21–and has convinced her that she’s her ‘best friend’.
“The social worker called and asked, ‘Could you talk to [J]? He’s not bathing, and we’re worried about mental health issues. I called him and talked to him. He showered and changed his socks.
“I just talked to [J2] at Christmas and his birthday; [T] is currently in jail. I got a letter from him, addressed ‘To Mom and the rest of the family…'”
Terry O’Neill commented, “It’s amazing that despite the malfeasance of the Ministry–there’s no other word for it–there are still bonds… I congratulate you for the wonderful job you did… You haven’t given up on them.”
Kari Simpson said, “This problem is epidemic… these children don’t have voices. So many families have been destroyed, and the parents have given up because ‘What’s the point? No one cares!’
“Well, we care!
“We need to put affidavits on these kids’ files, so when they grow up they can sue the Ministry. Nothing brings an understanding of reality quicker than financial accountability.
“These stories will not be put aside!
“Bruce McNeil, the same director who figures in the Baynes’ story, figures in this story.
“Madame Minister, are you listening? Madame Premier, are you listening? You said during the leadership campaign that your government would put ‘Families First’. This is a chance to make that true.”
RoadKill Radio’s coverage of State vs Family in BC will continue.

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  38 Responses to “RKR reveals another BC family ripped apart by Ministry of Children & Family”

  1. My child was removed because I refused to lie to my family doctor after being told by MCFD that the lie was necessary “to cover the actual costs and compared to what I could afford”.  I had complied at first when it was just for a day then two, then it was to where they wanted all five days.  I became suspicious and refused at that point to continue.  MCFD then closed my file with glowing reports for both me and child and said that no neglect or abuse was the cause for my child’s moderate developmental delays.  A month later my child was removed for “have significant developmental delays.  What the social worker did was take the medical report and replaced moderate with significant.  They also suggested that my mental health was in question and that the team leader herself was aware of mental health crisis in the past.  This team leader sent me to their psychologist for an assessment and I went three times but after talking to a lawyer I went to adult mental health and explained that I required an evaluation for this team leader.
      What I read in my file a year after the removal and first time I laid eyes on the evidence is that the team leader had another social worker tell me at one point that I had the right to keep my child from her father.  My lawyer at that time for the divorce said no and do not do it.  So I did not.  The same social worker then called the mental health care provider and told her the same false information three months later.  When I heard it from the person I trusted who would not at that time tell me who told this to her for fear that I would not follow through. I did take the advise and my ex then called the police and I was forced to hand her over.  The team leader then writes to that “because the police had to be called out after I refused to hand over the child she now questions my mental health.
      Now a year later and after I contacted our premier Christy Clarke.  MCFD now claims they never sent me to any mental health practitioner, never wanted an assessment and there appears to be no record of me ever seeing their Dr Renolds of whom I did spend three hours with before contacted a lawyer. 
      Mt child was removed march of 09 and I still don’t know the real reasons why since they have now rolled on all four articals mentioned on the removal.  I tried the resolution board and they took seven months to get around to the first package of questions I had.  I sent a second during that seven months since it was clear they were not going to answer anything.  They are just now getting to that second package and already they are late, and they are only doing so because I contacted my premier.  My ex is currently keeping me from seeing my child.  I have not seen her since OCT.  Legal aide here is a joke all my lawyer would do for me is book court dates.  Whoopee!! did nothing for me.  So for the past year and a bit I have been trying to do the leg work that legal aide will not do and am getting nowhere because I am not a lawyer.  I sure would like to know how to get my story out there and what do to.  One worker retired as soon as my ex got custody and she told quite a few stories.  In fact she is the one who made the allegations against me then latter it was she who investigated her own allegations.  The team leader has now also moved on and so just like the retired FRA worker none of what either did can now be questioned has they are not there to answer.  I’m am so frustrated.  Oh and also it was in my file that I am a welfare scammer so I guess I should never have agreed to lie at all.  and this they claim to be a medical diagnoses until they were asked to provide this document.  Now it doesn’t exist never did and I was never sent to their shrink or any other.  The team leader claims to be aware of my mental health file and states quite clearly that she knows I have been diagnosed with bi polar,  this is not true and my mental health care provider was more than willing to go to court on my behave but nope the legal aide lawyer would not invite her.

  2. I’m currently suffering through a similar situation.

    I’m not going to get into extreme detail if anyone wants the full story they may email me at cellphonesales@ojooo.com

    Our son has been apprehended twice now on false claims both times. We have been proven innocent twice he was returned once then they took him again less then 2 months later. They still have him and are trying to place him with family members that we have seen maybe 4 times in 10 years that live 4 hrs away from us. We have local family willing to take him seeing as they refuse to return him to us. The ministry doesn’t even tell us half the time what is going on with our child. We still have supervised visits even though it was proven we didn’t do anything. I feel like I have no options and there’s nothing we can do does anyone know if there is anyway to sue the ministry for false claims, harassment, lost wages and pain and suffering. And how do we get our child back. Something needs to change with the way the ministry works they are protecting our son from loving parents and they are trying to take him away from us by placing him with family who will never let us see him.

  3. I have had my rights violated and trampled on by MCFD I was forced to give up my child for adoption based on fabricated evidence of so called missed visits the alleagations which removed my child were never founded or untrue. I have been denied legal aid. I tried to sue MCFD as I had no counsel my security of a person was damaged and so was my heart. My son was removed 1997 he wasn’t adopted until 2002. I was able to get my application back into court under civil, but like I said lost, so I am to be forced to give up my child and never get him back based on fabricated evidence because I can’t afford a lawyer omg! MCFD are so cruel heartless evil. I know am not the only parent they have done this to what is a parent like me to do? My application was dismissed April 12, 2012 without a lawyer that is why I need one or I won’t be able to proceed. I may to court of appeal but the reality is it will just be dismissed because MCFD are never accountable! I can’t believe it forced not to have my kids in my life because I can’t afford a lawyer! I am on face book and I will fight MCFD and I will expose them as I have legal documents now this mother has been pushed to far! I just try and tell my self don’t panic I believed that in 2006 when the adoption order was made that It was final it was over, however since I got my case back into court I can start the process again and appeal and I will fight MCFD and not give up because I got this far I have the same Director Bruce McNeill as the Baynes and Derek Hoare I don’t know about any body else but I have had enough of the Director trampling on my rights! I just needed to vet thank you I have asked people for donations or a lawyer who will represent me as I was denied legal aid so here I am thinking maybe you guys can find a lawyer who will take my case it is civil not family anymore I find it sometimes really overwhelming fighting MCFD by my self I am hoping to get a response and support I will fight MCFD tooth and nail and I won’t ever give up and we must join forces and expose them and keep fighting until they are made accountable!

    • I want to know can mcfd adopted my kids out ? If I never sign anything for them to be adopted out? Im a mother of four children.that in 2008 mcfd took my kids away. Asked me to go to my neighbours to stay the night.and the social worker was going to stay with the kids intill morning. The social worker told the RCMP to tell my friend in the morning go over to my place where the social worker was with my kids, and tell them you are going to work, and for me the kids mother to go back home in the morning and get my 4 kids ready for school. Well when I woke up! I went to my place and my 4 kids were gone. The law says that mcfd are post to phone the parent, and informed them that they are removing the children. Guess what never happen. I was so freaked out. I was running all over my house looking for my kids, calling thier names out. Daniel, Konner, Nova, James, where are you! Crying , shacking, I was terrified for my kids! I went to mcfd in Creston B.c. and said why did you take my children? Why didn’t you ph me and tell me you were going to remove my kids. They said they phoned me. Yah right! And what is my ph me#? I just moved into town.anyway they didn’t ph me. I asked when can I see my children? They said in 3mths. Oh my God!! Can they do that? My youngest was olny 3 1/2 years old the rule with mcfd. Is if a child is under the age of 5 that they must return the child home, because they need thier mother. Never happen. To this day I still don’t know why they took my kids away. It has been 6 years that those ass hole have kid napped my 4 kids. I had a trail date back in April , but mcfd pushed me over board so much .I think I had a nervous break down. Almost killed my self. Mcfd told me what ever you do you will never ever get your kids back! Are they aloud to judge me? They also said you will never change. And they also said. I like to see you get a nice man that had a good job, and own a house so you can be happy. I said if I had all that, would you give my kids back? They said straight out NO! I have worked all my life working as a construction worker.I had my four children stayed home tooked care of them.I was a single mother.yes my children had foyr different fathers and only one of them payed child care maintenance. The other 3 didn’t. And thebone that payed only payed his son $138.00 per mth. I was on income assistance at the time. I payed for everything. On my own. It was hard. But my kids were well fed, clothed, roof over there head, and they were happy.mcfd knows that my kids love me very much, as I do them. So tell me why they willnt give me my kids back? Now they are trying to adopted them out. Nova is 12yrs now, james is 9yrs .and they are in a froster home, my other boys that are now 17teen that is Daniel. And konner is 16teen. Daniel went to live at his dads, and konner is in naskups with his girlfriend, he quite school in grade 10. Now the mcfd has payed for a place for him to live, his own place. I get to see my little ones once a month for 2hrs. I dont think this is fair. I’m going to file for freedom of information. And find out why they tooked my kids.? It is call 29c form this is the form you asked for. For that information on why they tooked your kids. You can share this , I want the world to know what mcfd is doing to our familys !!! Kidnapping is what they are doing. My son Daniel said to me. 6years ago. Mom the social worker said to us 4, you all get into you pjs, and in the morning your mom will make you all breakfast and you will all go to school. Every thing is find. Then he said at age 11 they called late at night and we all were put into a car , nova and james that were only 31/2 and 6 were tooked right from thier beds still sleeping and into a car. We were taken away and was told we were never to go home again. Why how can they do this to children? How wrong is this? Now if I was my kids at that time would nt I be traumas? Dame right I would be. I would of felt like I i was just kkidnapped! Please share from a mothers heart to another. GOD PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN.

  4. Lisa Arlin’s story is one of discrimination that has and continues to transpire across Canada: As is the case with parents of children with medical and developmental diversity, PARENTS with disability too, face unnecessary obstacles and oppression. Removing children from loving families must STOP!

    Lisa explains circumstances here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151549886300224

    As spokesperson for PROTECTING CANADIAN CHILDREN, http://protectingcanadianchildren.ca/ I have followed the harsh reality Canadians face. We are gaining a notorious negative reputation for failing our most vulnerable. In Ontario, 83% of children who are recipients of Child Intervention Services, are those with special needs. In Alberta, the figure is 70% and similar statistics follow across the Country. Instead of allocating resources to families directly, Governments have resorted to requests of guardianship relinquishment and out of home placements of children with extraordinary needs. Similarly, parents with disability are expected to surrender their children for adoption rather than provide in-home support! This type of mentality surpasses cruelty; it is infringement upon basic human rights and freedoms expressed under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    The Public, largely, envisions a realm of “intervention” for “abusive” situations. However, the persons who actually comprise the System fall under an umbrella which ought never occur; those afflicted by circumstance alone without any Child Intervention issues. Forcing solid families to relinquish loved ones into government foster establishments – or – resorting to incarceration has become the present day version of institutionalism. Instead of funding natural families, we continue to conceal children with special needs in out of home foster placements or take children from the happy homes of parents who have medical issues themselves; a practice both detrimental to family and to child. Studies demonstrate that it is more cost-effective and safe to provide in-home care to families, yet resistance continues.

    Social Welfare is meant to bolster families in crisis, not further berate and destroy. Siblings are torn apart, mothers separated in hospital from newborns, fathers distanced from offspring, and children are left to bear the disservice growing up with loss of identity in both culture and sense of belonging. Abuse within the System is well-established by studies and understandably leads to angry young adults without the skills or fundamentals to function effectively in Society.

    Families accessing government funding solely for issues of medical need must be defined distinctly from those individuals requiring Intervention for abuse or negligence as per SAMANTHA’S LAW: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha%27s_Law Amendment to the Alberta FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities) Act is retroactive to December 2006 stemming from my own child, Samantha Martin’s passing on December 3, 2006 and is defined in Section 2-3, Manual Amendments: Policy and Procedures in Family Centred Supports and Services: http://www.child.alberta.ca/home/527.cfm While Legislation exists, complaints continue to emerge from affected families who indicate that caseworkers are directing inappropriately. This is an issue which needs to be defined and revisited until a standard response is achieved. In addition, I seek recommendation of establishment of Samantha’s Law beyond Provincial territory to benefit all Canadians so that individuals like Lisa Arlin and her family are protected from prejudicial interference.

    Yours sincerely,

    Velvet Martin

    • I to have been abused my whole life as well if you can’t take care of yourself or your mom can’t take care of you,you’ll keep being abused by our government health ,and child welfare.I’m so sorry for your loss
      IM sorry for your lost loved one.We need to stand together if we want change.I was hurt very badly in a daycare .I was in a coma.Mom could not look after me .And because no one told her to ask for leagle help .Mom had to give me up.I ask you to view this short film http:youtv.be/bu-SP.OHK4 .I was abused in every way by our medical and mental and I was denied any right for any kind of normal life.I would cost the government to much money .My family didn’t care for me why should the government care for me.I was in a government approved daycare,at the age of 4 I got almost killed by a steal bed frame falling on my head .Mom could not wake me,I don’t know how long I was in a coma for ,because they have destroyed my records. I was placed in government care,and they kicked me out on the streets.
      They new I could not yet read or wright,I was13 years old.I won’t tell you how I had to ensure the sexual abuse just to make money to eat and have a safe place to put our head .There was 2 girls we both needed extra help.But because we were going to cost them money they got rid of us.My sister when at home had to walk. E to school everyday so I wouldn’t get lost,and pick me up,cause it don’t look the same.Iv been abused my whole life cause I did not know what or how to get justice.All government agencies are crooked aspecialy to the disabled people.There is still know one out their willing to get me proper justice like changing laws,stature of limitations.And the right to your medical records, so you can prove that you did infact get a brain injury .They won’t even let me into the brain injury soscady cause ,they think I was going to sue them .I was made to try to get my recorded for this class action against child welfare,for kicking me out with a tarible head injury. I could have got disability pention if someone would have told me how,gave me a clue.I m still very much like a child and getting worest.And still I have not got no help from the government with even diagnosis or treatment. Thank GOD for my husband but he is whereing thin,my mind is getting worst IT is a struggle everyday I need my husband home now,just to feel safe.This could happen to any one ,at any time.We need to hold the government people accountable for the torcher that they can do to a family.They have no remorse it makes me sick.If been in pain my hole life cause I do not know how to help myself.And there are no services to speak of .they should be ashamed of there selfs.Evey part of the government has abused me .ILL pray for all of you.WINDY:-)

  5. This sort of thing is happening all over Canada. There is a group in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that advocates family unity, family values and family solidarity; something Ontario’s Child Protection System just does not respond to. This group’s name is, The Commitee, ( People-4- People ).
    This group’s manifesto goes something like this, ” Family is the most basic and fundamental collective, in our society. From Family grow neighborhoods, communities, regions, towns/cities, all coming together to form this great nation. To attack families is to strike at the heart of our Nation, at the molecular level, like a disease, causing all kinds of negative symptoms, symptoms we can plainly see, from poor economy, to lawlessness in the streets. This is much the same as…say… an Influenza causes the human body to display negative symptoms like elevated temperature, fever, upset stomach and so on.”
    If these Child Protection Agencies would help, rather than hinder solidarity and unity within families, we just might see a stronger nation; one family at a time.









    • I am not sure if you still read these Sharon, However you and I met this evening 07/15/2013 and after the conversation you and I had I truly believe you. I would like to help in any way I can please contact me again so that we may be able to start a proper investigation.

    • This is why we are having a class action against the MCFD in Surrey bc lower mainland so join today can contac my email ir mcfd unjustified on facebook!!

    • Hi,
      I read your story. I am in the same situation. My sister, her husband lied, my ex-husband who was a deadbeat dad for 4 years together with the social workers and their Team Leader in Mission, BC plotted to take my five children away from me. One returned to me, and exposed what the social workers, my sister, her husband and my ex- husband were telling them to chose their father instead of retuning to me.

      I made complaint until now. Sfter keeping my children for 13 months away from me, just when they supposed to return my children to me, the social workers and their team-leader decided that the Deadbeat Dad was the right parent.

      I don’t see my children. They told them so many lies that they know that if I have a chance of meeting with them they will see the true.

      I am planning on fighting to expose the wrong deeds of this Ministry.

      I even decided to find a writer who will write a life story book exposing these evil people. They are evil.

      Please reply


    • Mcfd stole my daughter because of a situation that was completely out of my control we were basically all held against our will when their father had a mental lapse in judgement when a mini van starting chasing us for no reason trying to push of the road so their day speed up and then we were surrounded by police they put a spike belt up full well knowing their were children in the car not one police undercover car put their light on we had no idea until finally we saw a marked car who they even were we thought it was just some random crazy person chasing us and his flight or fight response kicked in and he chose to flight to get his family home but he finally stopped the car and got out wondering why they were chasing us to begin with when all of a sudden a police officer open up the drivers passenger door with a police dog he is about to unleash in the back seat with my 8 and 5 year old daughters but their farther put himself in the way of the dog and was attacked instead. I had asked and asked him t stop bit he would not he just said nothing starring straight ahead it was like he went somewhere else, and he is a very protective dad who would never bring harm to his 3 girls, but now mcfd says hes a danger as am i cuz i didnt jump out of the moving vvehicle grabbing my sleeping daughters out of the back seat going down the hwy at 90 km an hour where they would have absolutely been badly injured they took my daughter and made an application to the court without even one time speaking to me to see what happened as the police screwed up so badly they are all lying about what happened i have 5 police officers statement and each one is so way different then all the others 5 completely different version of the events. but its bee 2 months and i am supposed to have supervised visits 2 times per week i have seen them a total of 3.5 hrs since june 19 and not a day goes by i dont call the social worker and just leave voicemail and no one calls back. I filed a complaint with the head of MCFD they say maximum 48 hours until they call you back to finalize your complaint no one has called me back yet. they lie constantly, they say one thing and in the next breath totally contradict themselves. I cslled everyday several times the first few days after all the way up to day 7 where we have to be court within seven days after they steal parents children and i even rode my bike an hour to town on day 7 wondering why i wasnt in court no one said anything just handed me a number so finally i called a was informed about a duty worker who was so rude but informed me they went to court and got a 3 month order against me, with out even notifying me but in their paperwork they say i made no effort to get in contact with them but i have a journal that has every time i called dates and times who i called who i ended up leaving a voivemail for never to hear back from them so i hope that proves their lies. I finally had a meeting in office Kelsey the investigator Miserable horrible woman who doesnt have children who says my girls havent even asked about me which i know is a lie i am so close with my girls we have never been apart even for a night and kelsey knows that i believe they know they have no leg to stand on for stealing my girls thats why they didnt want me to know about the presentaion hearing i mean i was in their office and no one said a word till court was done for the day, they wont work with me for visits i have asked what i need to do to get them home they have nothing to say why cuz i am a good mom i take every parenting course offered not cuz i am not a strong parent but i like to see if there is new information because it really does take a village to raise a child and one of my girls has adhd so its hard sometimes so i am willing as i told them to do whatever is needed of me to bring them home but they dont have one suggestion only put them up for adoption and put as much distance as possible between me and them. I need help i need your prayer case conference sept 11 2014 so if you have advocated lawyers who will fight the mcfd for parents suggestions on how to deal with this nightmare please share them with me i am feeling so defeated not knowing how i can even attempt to get them home with me.

  7. I have a foster son who is FAS. He is 14 but with an emotional age of about 10. The ministry encourages visits with the mother even though she is stoned and smokes it with him and his younger siblings present. He is more worried about losing his visits at all so he will not make too big a scene….when he asks that it not be done they just laugh and remind him whose house it is. The workers do nothing for they say he must do it. When I brought up the bonding issue and asked how can they bond when his mom and two older siblings sit at the table stoned and ship him and the younger ones outside or to watch tv….I was told it was all perception….1, I thought ‘pot’ was still illegal and 2, whose rights are we really protecting? I am sorry for your grief, I am a restricted home as I am friends with some family….I can tell you we love him and even put him in private school, the 2 things we can do, love and education…..but I would never foster fully….my friends mom told me once that the Ministry is Satan’s tool…..I now believe it…..I have learned too much….

    • Dear Tanya, It is so good that you have provided a loving and educational home. Please please please consider how language and labels can particularly effect children either positively or negatively. Particularly those in the protective care system who are already dealing with separation, multiple losses and (potentially) trauma issues stemming from what brought them into the protective care system in the first place. What I’m saying is, your foster son isn’t FAS – He has FAS. “The mother” is “his birth mother.” Wording this way shows your compassion and acceptance of your child as well it is non-judgemental and helps your son know his value and worth as well as shows you value the intrinsic worth of his biological family. A child’s identity is linked to their parent’s. No matter how abusive you believe or know a birth parent to be, if you judge birth parent, know that you are judging the child in your home. You have a great opportunity to role model compassion to this youth and help him, without judgement, to understand his past and present. Typically the role of fostering is to work with the larger team on facilitating contact between the child and their family given that the ultimate goal is family preservation. I too am so very sad for every family who’ve been separated and will always promote self advocacy to every birth parent and child or youth I work with and have the gift of comming to know and help.

  8. I thought I would up date you regards to my case since my last post nothing has changed. The Director Bruce Mcniell has told me your file is closed and as your child has been adopted it is no longer my Jurastriction. There is nothing you can do as you have exhausted all avenues which you can appeal. The MCFD wont take my calls and respond to my emails as there is nothing further this office can do will have no further involvement. I have requested a further review just to be denied even though I was granted one in 2005 by the Legislative assembly doesn’t change anything. The Director Bruce Mcniell even stated I have dcouments which support my children being returned to my care but since they have been he can’t interfere. I have been denied legal aide and no advocate to assist me with out an advocate my case will stay dismissed. It is hars for a parent like me who is fighting MCFD and the system when both work against you. The allegations which caused my child to be removed were never founded and there is nothing you can do the MCFD are never accountable even if they acted in bad faith or the adoption was made in fraud good luck proving that. I really have been struggelling with the following fact MCFD protects children but who protects parents from MCFD? Foster parents have MCFD lawyers and thier own fedration and supports but there is no support for parents the outcome is someone like me fighting McFD from 1997 until 2013 and still fighting for a further review which I am entitled as anyone else but I say appeal and MCFD says acted in good faith No more exsuses for MCFD abuses! The CFSCA Act gives MCFD powers to remove children but it doesnt give MCFD the right to misuse that power or be abusive in thier conduct! I need Rod kill radio or an advocate or my case is final and staying dismissed.

  9. Buy a gun, start shooting kidnappers at your door.
    I’m 32, an ex ministry kid myself as was my 16yr old mother who was impregnanted by a 34yr old teacher.
    The system like the courts, like our country, like everything to do with the government are in fact actual CORPORATIONS listed on the stocks. The MCFD needs kids in care so that they can request more money from the government.

    think about it… no kids in care, no job for workers… it’s a vicious circle people.
    When we stop listening to the gov as a collective and start banding together helping eachother only then will we be able to move forward.

    I want a country where my government works for me, I didn’t know I was still born into slavery.

  10. The Ministry for Children and families has 10000 children in care;
    the question ultimately is do these children really need to be there.
    The answer it is how the Ministry for children and families gets thier
    funding each time a child is placed in thier care. The residential schools
    may have been burried however, reserected now called the Ministry for children and families. The Ministry has lied and said they were protecting children the reality is they are abusing vunerable children who have no voice and shame on them! It is time that these evil child abusers are exposed for who they are we need new programs put inplace and stop removing children and put the funding where it belongs and shut down the Ministry for children and families like the government did to the residential schools and the government owes this province an appology for letting so many children be abused and take accountability. I believe it is wrong to remove a child and cause that child harm. The government knew it to when it approved the child family comunity services act. Wat is wrong about removing children is a mother has permanant ties to her child I suppose the government did this because that is how they treat families in poverty and it was very wrong and the child protection system was a very bad mistake for example forcing a child to be removed is abuse it is what it is and there are families in crisis but this is not the way to deal with them bonding between parent and child is sacred shame on them government. The ministry for children and families lacks any acountability what so ever we as a commnity need to put an end to these evil child abuses and think before you allege any child protection concerns because once you do that child is going to
    the Ministry for children and families who emphasized we need to call in child protection concerns so they can abuse more children take a stand against child abuse there is no excuse especially when it is our government abusing our children!

  11. Fellow countrymen, parents, children, lend me your ears! The answer to defeat our enemy (MCFD) is to stand united … The art of war is to know your enemy, as a whole we are stronger then as an individual. If we want change then we need to start acting as a collective, there is enough evidence to prove beyond a doubt, or on “the balance of probability” that the Ministry, is ineffective, and is a risk to the public. I have spoken to the college of social workers, did you know that MCFD social workers are exempt from registering from the regulatory body?, so there is nothing overseeing their practice, or any regulatory body whom can investigate complaint inquiries…. The college is currently trying to get that changed… Here is our ticket in people… We can help the college of social workers, to make MCFD social workers have to be registered, then we can get their registration pulled, and their practice investigated when complaints are made.

    I feel I have found a way to make change (art or war) to win by using intellect not by loss in casualties ….

    I am a victim of MCFD, my children have been abducted and violated, by the Sociopaths that lurk from behind the iron curtain! …. I want justice if your out there people.. Email me at kinuck7@gmail.com , my name is Tris McTavish and I am ready r u?

    Email me and lets tear down the wall!

    • There is going to be a class action based in Surrey BC lower mainland for parents all nations and with disabilities joi n today lets lift that iron curtin and expose mcfd lets tear down the wall together

  12. My son was taken from me yesterday. I haven’t stopped crying.
    Im a 22 yr old single mom of a baby with a seizure disorder. My son often finds himself in and out of hospital due to medication fluctuations. This last hospital stay he had had the flu and his med levels were all over the place. I got toldd upon discharge that the MCFD were now his legal gardians and hed be in the care of my ex (who rarely sees him) and my ex MIL. About 8 months ago id gone thru being falsely accused of neglect and abuse and not giving my baby his meds. I went through mcfd searching my home, crisis intervention team and then was left and my file closed. No one answered my calls or returned messages, it wasnt until I went to the office that I knew my file had been closed. My ex keeps expired medications and doesn’t give him the medications on time but they se him fk t to care for him?! My ex travels for wlrk and therefor e leaves my son with relatives that have zero training in seizures or pther medical stuff..I do! Ive raised my son sinse birth..been by his bed every single time hes been sick or in hospital. ..I am so angry because im not a drug addict, I have no mental health issues, and my son is healthy, happy and we have a strong bond. That wouldnt happen if there were something wro ng. I have a lawyer for my custody stuff idj if she’ll help with this though. Im not about to wait a year….mcfd said I get supervised visits, only if my ex will bring my son…and I know my ex wont..hes a controlling man..im being treated like a crazy person…I dont understand how mcfd is expected to observe and monitor a child if the child is removed from their natural surroundings…I need help and advice as to what I can do…plz…

  13. we have the same problem the ministry is saying that i am a threat to my kids. i was charged and sent to jail. the charges were dropped no prof but i still can`t go home or be alone with my kids. because they think i may hurt them.

  14. So I am a 27 year old mother of three kids today I was called by McFd and demanded than I bring my middle chilled to a place for abused children to be interviewed by RCMP . When I asked what this was in regards to the worker refused to disclose any info … So I left work was suspended from work due to this but that whatever , when I arrived the officer to my 7 year old who was terrified into a room for interviewing with out me ok I’m think just doing there job right? Few minutes later a worker from McFd arrives so I I asked her now could u please inform me of what is going on ? She told me I was not allowed to be informed until possibly after the interview… Ok. I sat and waited listening to my daughter cry and the RCMP officer kept asking her to turn around and sit up and what ever else finally the officer came out and got me and my daughter came out to sit with my sister . So the officer tell me I have no concerns with ur child’s safety and proceeds to tell me that it was a day amp worker who call with concerns the my child was being sexually assaulted by my 16 year old step son who visited for a couple of days because she came to camp and said she was tierd cuz she had to sleep with sister because of his visit he needed to sleep in her bed ???? This was not an accusation my child made it was an assumption from a 20 year old camp worker I understand they need to look in to allegations yes I’m very open but my problem is even after the officer said she had no concerns the McFd worker proceeded to tell me she will be conducting a full investigation in to my family??? They now with no police involment want to rip my life apart speaking to family friend and interview my other two children even though the concern was nothing to do with me and the police aren’t concerned?how does this work are they allowed to do this ? Please help p.s they didn’t even ask for my sons name !!!!

  15. Mcfd is out of control. It is all about funding for these people. The more children they steal the better. They think they are above the law and are trained to get people to willingly hand over their children. Whatever you do do not let your kids go. Record them any time you need to speak to them, they won’t allow it. They won’t allow you time for a lawyer. It’s basically like being charged and found guilty before you have a chance to even speak to legal aid, there’s no chance to defend yourself. You cannot count on this organization. its illegal practices need to be stopped and shut down. they have found loop holes to sink people into the legal system with no escape. draining the economy. hurting children. hurting families. how this can even be practiced in canada is beyond me. people need to come forward and ask their local representatives to shut MCFD down and let the people decide how to handle children and the mentally ill/ disabled. Not anyone can be trusted from the ministry and family development and its only going to get worse. -mother of 3 stolen children

  16. Kelowna MCFD took my son from me in the beginning of June, I have seen my four year old boy four times briefly in four months. I am beside myself, they are threatening adoption. This has to stop

  17. I can be emailed at kwil1@live.ca

    Has anyone here won there kids back

  18. A message too parents in Surrey BC and lower main land:

    We need not to say we are victims of the Ministry for children and family development we need to reclaim our lives and take back our power! That is what will make the MCFD take notice and make them nervous! We demand real change now! If MCFD know we are intimidated they will keep destroying us, and rip us to shreds in court by fabricating evidence to use against us to keep our kids in foster care for thier profit. We need to prove to them we are not intimadated by deminstrating we are aware of our rights and we need to be assertive for our childrens sake. We need to report them each time they have denied visits or breeched our privacy we need to show them we are strong. The MCFD won’t survive especially if we unnite! No protest, Nor petition like the one from Derek Hoare changed anything! We need to tell them to get your claws off our kids they aren’t for sale! If We want real change the only way to do it is by joining this class action. The MCFD want a fight they got one because parents have had enough! Parents who lost custody it is never to late they just want you to think so, you need to help parents fighting them and tell them what you know you need to Expose them to the public for the evil monster you know and if you lost custody make them accountable and join this class action! There was a couple from Surrey BC their names are Paul and Zabeth Baynes good people who got accused of shaking thier baby. They went through 4 years of court hell thier kids in limbo and now they remain silent since they got thier kids back because thier afraid of them being taking away again and that aint right MCFD is never accountable join this class action for parents like them No more silence! We are colkecting statements from parents and will put them to affidavit form with support from Road kilk Radio and the media and press we will have our voices heard!!! MCFD have threatenefcparents to be quiet dont join any class action or say anything or you will never see your kids again!! We need to show them we arent scared of them by joining this class action because parents have had enogh of being victimized by MCFD who is aware there is going to be this class action! Justice is coming and MCFD can expect us!

    To join MCFD unjustified or reply here!!
    This class action is going to be huge just like the residential schools all nations are welcome take back your power!!

    Keep on keeping on!!!

    • Please send me more information about your class. I l am an immigrant and I live in Mission. My five children were removed from me while I was in a trip and left them with my friend. My sister and her husband, because of their greed, plot with the social workers to give my children to them from June 2012 to October 2013. And I decided to do what I can to speak about their wrong deeds. I already did expose their wrong deeds. I did not win, but I know I gave them a hard time. To punish me they gave my children to my ex-g=husband a deadbeat Dad. One of my children who understood even though late this plot came back on the days planed for their transitioning plan before my children returned to me. This planed never happened, because my children were locked my sister for returning for overnight.
      I will fight this MCFD, so that no other parent will go through what I went.

      Please tell me more about your meeting. My story is one of the shocking ones. I have enough proof to expose their wrong deeds. I even wrote to their Minister who asked the social workers to review my case. But, the Team Leader of this office in Mission, BC and his social workers said that they don’t like my behavior. The complaint is still going on even though they gave my children to their Dad who is also blocking my children to visit me because he knows they will have their eyes open, and they will find the true.

    • My family has been destroyed, I never see my daughter, my son separated from his sister and he is at risk. My email is glanuet@gmail.com

  19. I want to join this Class Action my name is Fred
    Email fred-sara@live.com

  20. Google me. MCFD and their incompotent, unskilled ignorant social workers put me into a state of shock from which I am still recovering. The fraud that MCFD perpetuates in BC,the protection of children is a front for greed. These employees of MCFD are very skilled at telling lies,distorting facts and using accountability as a cover. They are in my opinion the true “welfare bums” of the state. A social worker usually begins with good intentions, they educate, they volunteer, they have practicums, they are groomed into an incremental state of seduction. By the time they realize the extent of the fraud of which they are now dependent on for a living, it is too late to turn back. MCFD employee spin doctors to create new rules for the ongoing play. The justice system often becomes involved and we all know where that one usually ends up. Child protection is a necessary tool of a civilized society, I am all for it, but lets get rid of a completely broken system and build a new one based on common sense, compassion and results.
    My personal experiences run the gauntlet from out right lies in a courtroom by social workers that I trusted to always tell me the truth, to the suicide of one of my group home boys when I had begged on several occasions for a bed in Ledger House. The 15 year old was denied the precious bed because the Social Workers supervisor said that I was being overly dramatic. James commited suicide within a week of this last meeting exactly as I had predicted. I and my staff were the only representatives of the caring ministry to attend his funeral on a reserve in Northern Vancouver Island. I had invited James social worker to travel with us to the reserve but she declined saying” I am afraid to go there” This same social worker called me a few days after the funeral inviting me to attend a “grief session” hosted by her supervisors office. If this is not nuts, what is?

    I eventually sued MCFD over a tax bill and my ministry file was required in order for my lawyer to prepare in an accurate manner. Over a ten year period numerous FOI requests were made for my file. According to MCFD the file did not exist, I made it up. Three handwritten scribbled notes were finally produced. This in 19 years of service with the toughest cases in Victoria. On one occasion when I was in good graces with MCFD my resource worker Heather showed me my file folder. She said it was one of the thickest she had ever seen. She said it contained things I should read. She said she could not show me the content but she gave me an FOI request form and suggested I apply to see my file. This SW went on to become other things in MCFD and actually called the Victoria police for stand by when I arrived unannounced at her office to ask questions of one of her administrative staff. The staff member was told not to speak with me. I was trying to verify a letter written by my resource worker years before. In 2001 during Discovery he admitted to writing the letter, 9 years later in court he tells Justice Davies that”it does not look like something I would write” All the trust I had put in this man for over a decade was gone, in an instant. I saw him for what he really is, just another lyeing sack of shit.I could go on here but you get the picture. MCFD is a dirty corrupt inefficient system. The truly corrupt workers float to the top of the heap, they become team leaders, supervisors area managers and the creme de la creme spin doctors!. They will lie when it serves the best interests of MCFD not the best interests of the children in care. If ever I can assist anyone with a beef against MCFD just ask. I will investigate both you and MCFD’s involvement. I would always say to the youth in my care”support MCFD, stay sick” Eventually they go it.

  21. Hello everyone …Please pass this on to all your friends and family on fb..It has been 5 long months since the Ministry of Children and family development(mcfd) has taken my children and put them into a foster home instead of family.Here is a short clip of what I have been going through for the last 5 months..Here is a link to a recording with a team leader at the mcfd..


  22. Our family is going through torture at the hands of MCFD. My son is 18, autistic and non verbal. He has various medical issues that involve IBS type problems. I have been accused of not keeping him clean, and neglecting him. Not true. Now the bastards have threatened to have him removed from the only home he’s ever known because they say the house is too dirty..which it isn’t..since this began, we have been depressed, worried, and sadly, I am counting the months to my son’s 19th birthday so that they will be gone from our lives. I hate MCFD, all they do is ruin people’s lives. They don’t care about children, only paycheques and bonuses. Not only should most of these so called social workers be fired, some of them ought to be in jail, with the rest of the criminals.

  23. Reading these stories makes me shudder with grief and rage. I am having my own battles with MCFD. My son is autistic, and he’s 18 years old. They continue to harass us, and wrote me a letter stating that they would remove him from my home on the premise that my house is dirty. It’s messy, but not dirty. I have spent the past month scrubbing walls over and over again. I don’t know what looks clean and what doesn’t anymore. My son has a medical problem similar to IBS, and they insist there is feces everywhere, and there isn’t. We have six months to go before he turns 19, six months…and it seems like they are setting things up to try and take him before that happens. They sent a guy from some organization to come once a week and ‘check up’ on us, which to me, is just ignorant. He reports to the social worker that we are doing everything we are supposed to. Now, he tells me that she is concerned that my son’s bedroom is not ‘functional’…whatever the hell that means…but can’t elaborate. And that she’s now concerned that he isn’t eating healthy foods. It’s like she’s making stuff up as she goes along. My son eats broccoli, rice, tomatoes…so she’s totally off base. And the last time she was at my house, she looked at my husband and asked ‘Are you Aboriginal? Not that I’m saying you look Aboriginal’…what the hell is that supposed to mean? And she asked him this question right after telling us that our house is ‘dirty’. So I believe there is some racism here, too.
    These fuckers (pardon my language) need to be stopped…this whole agency needs to be torn right down and rebuilt by scratch, to make it work for the kids who really are in need, and not to serve the selfish whims of these so called social workers.

  24. My kids have been apperhened by MCFD Friday August 29 2014 I’ve been accused of child abuse!:(

    My son fell at home Thursday morning August 28 2014 then I took him to daycare when we picked him up at daycare Thursday afternoon his ear is all bruised and the daycare said he fell on toys after he put his foot in a toy basket the caregiver admitted that he got the burised ear from the fell

    When they appeherened children are they suppose to have a police officer with them at the home two social workers where at my home when I was at the hospital with Leland and Lita was a home with my bf and a social worker took my daughter into her by herself and was examined with out a female worker present or a police officer In that room my bf was push away when he tryed to stop it my daughter didn’t come out of that room for about ten to twenty mins when she did my bf said she had a sacred horrifying look on her face and hug his leg tightly

    Plus I have a video from that morning showing My son was fine that morning after he fell at home showing no bruises anywhere!

    Now I go back to court on the 18th of September
    MCFD is asking for a three month custody order
    Im fighting it and asking the children to be returned to me because MCFD told the judge they believe that the parent didn’t harm the children they believe someone else has now there s a big investigation into the daycare to me there are going to drag it through court very slowly because they need more time

    The children remain in custody till next Spring
    Because police haven’t finished there investigation the ministry doesn’t know who harmed the child My judgment with not pulling My son out of that daycare sooner My judgement from serious injures to a non serious injure to the children I have been Label has a special needs mother!

    And the social worker is neglect my daughter education and her interact with her friends the social is pulling her out of preschool
    On my visit both my children want to come home

  25. My kids have been apperhened by MCFD in Creston BC Friday August 29 2014

    My son fell at home Thursday morning August 28 2014 then I took him to daycare when we picked him up at daycare Thursday afternoon his ear is all bruised and the daycare said he fell on toys after he put his foot in a toy basket the caregiver admitted that he got the burise from the fell

    When they appeherened children are they suppose to have a police officer with them at the home two social workers where at my home when I was at the hospital with My son and my daughter was a home with my bf and a social worker took my daughter into her by herself and was examined with out a female worker present or a police officer In that room my bf was push away when he tryed to stop it my daughter didn’t come out of that room for about ten to twenty mins when she did my bf said she had a sacred horrifying look on her face and hug his leg tightly

    Plus I have a video from that morning showing My son was fine that morning after he fell at home showing no bruises anywhere!

    Now I go back to court on the 18th of September
    MCFD is asking for a three month custody order
    Im fighting it and asking the children to be returned to me because MCFD told the judge they believe that the parent didn’t harm the children they believe someone else has now there s a big investigation into the daycare to me there are going to drag it through court very slowly because they need more time

    The children remain in custody till next Spring
    Because police haven’t finished there investigation the ministry doesn’t know who harmed the child My judgment with not pulling My son out of that daycare sooner My judgement from serious injures to a non serious injure to the children I have been Label has a special needs mom

  26. my son is going through alot of the same things from mcfd in kitimat bc,in feb 2014 the mcfd had “protection” concerns against my son because my useless ex husband who has his own file at the rcmp called and told mcfd that my son wasnt feeding his daughter properly cause a bologna sandwich not good enough for lunch, after that while my son was in the hospital they took his daughter from the babysitter and put her with my cousins whom she doesnt know and up until june wasnt even aprehended yet, she was in limbo as the mcfd put…they threatened my son and made him homeless and forced him to sign a efp agreement so his child could go with another stranger and than he was sent to me in ontario where he was to do services to get her back which he did and called to show mcfd he was done and the mcfd never even called ontario to see if he did anything instead in june they went into court and said my son abondoned his child and ran away to ontario (so not true) and at first the mcfd said that my home was a potential home for my grand daughter but after promising that they went into court and called me a danger…o ya andre dacosta how do prove that when my husband and i got a criminal record check and have nothing, i have called global news (nothing) called other media and nothing, called mcfd complaints and nothing, called police nothing, called ombudsman office, nothing, called bc child advocate office and nothing, called mla’s office and nothing called the minister of mcfd and nothing…now my son was forced to go to a mediation in kitimat which he had and andrew blind sided him with a court date no one knew about and andrew has said that my son is not eleible to get his daughter who he has raised back, my poor grand daughter having night terrors and screams for her daddy, now my son was forced to sign a mediation agreement that makes him stay in kitimat for a month to do as andres says and my son has no money and no home there and no place to work cause andrew says he has to do what andrew wants everyday and if andrew is satified than my son may be able to take his daughter home for 2 weeks by plane that my son has to pay for for both ways …andrew the social worker has already told me and my son that he has the power…so what is the reason my grand daughter was teken away..for not getting a 5 course meal for lunch? really? so if the mcfd has so much power over police, judges and everyone else who has control over social workers…i am so scared for my son and grand daughter…andrew wants to adopt my grand daughter to his rich friends and who can stop him…who else can i call to stop all this and be able to bring my son and grand daughter home safe? im scared my 3 year old grand daughter will be lost in the system or worse seriously hurt or even death…but unless i am famous and a billionare how do i stop mcfd from stealing her? please please help i am lost as what to do anymore…courts wont even listen

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