Apr 052011

Show #95 Part 1

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5 April 2001 – 7:30 – 8:30 pm: Yes! It is true, KATHIE SHAIDLE, Five Feet of (Fabulous) Fury, on RoadKill Radio!!

If you are a “Str8TalkoPhobic” or suffer from “Mad S.O.W. Disease” do not tune in! Your condition could be positively affected! Topic: Slutwalk. Why: Because the rabid radical feministics – and a few delusional others – need help with a reality check!

ISSUE 1: Dressing like a prostitute/slut just might get you treated like one.

ISSUE 2: Dressing like a gang member (wearing gang colours, bandanas, tattoos…) might get you beat-up, arrested or shot. True in both scenarios! Let’s be honest for a change! Kathie Shaidle will pour her own unique blend of Shaidle Special TRUTH Serum on this discussion (This RKR writer admits to a healthy addiction to her serum!). This is going to be fun!! Terry O might be blushing already!!

Click here for Shaidle Fury on this subject!

Click here* for a great laugh!

* Rated NS4PC – But, we think you should listen anyway!

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