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ROADKILL RADIO NEWS for Feb. 17, 2011
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RKR exposes UBC agency ‘data-mining’ families through kindergarten students
‘Implied consent’ means no parental approval is needed!
Kindergarten students in BC are being used to “data-mine” information about them and their families—with or without parents’ consent. Sounds more like spyorama to us here at RoadKill Radio!! Parents beware!!

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RKR scoops downstream media on challenge to Human Rights Museum
RKR co-host Ron Gray, who was leader of Canada’s fifth-largest national political party for 13 years, has sent a letter to Arni Thorsteinson, chair of the Museum’s Board, and to Hon. James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage to urge that the Museum’s presentation of the story of human rights in Canada should include the stories of many Canadians who have been abused by Canada’s 13 “Human Rights” Commissions and Tribunals.

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GMO – Oh-oh! MPs voted 178 to 98 against Bill C-474; Canadian farmers’ exports now at risk
Feb 10, 2011 — Yesterday the House of Commons defeated, 178 to 98, Bill C-474 – a Private Member’s Bill introduced in November 2009 that called for an amendment to the federal Seeds Regulations Act to require “an analysis of potential harm to export markets” before federal permission for sale of any new GM (genetically modified) seed.
Terry Wilson, founder of the Canadian Awareness Network, wrote in his blog, “We are seeing how Canadian politics work very clearly here. The multi-national corporations getting their way, and the Canadian people getting shafted.”
RoadKill Radio wants to know why the government refuses to require the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. Don’t Canadians have a right to know what they are putting into their bodies?
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‘Bathroom bill’ passed to the Senate
Feb. 9, NDP MP Bill Siksay’s Private Member’s Bill C-389 passed third reading in the House of Commons 143 to 135.
Critics have called Siksay’s legislation “the bathroom bill” because it would allow people to choose their gender—and gain access to bathrooms and locker-rooms of whichever gender they choose to be.

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Iranium – coming soon to theatre near you
Last month the Iranian Embassy pretty well guaranteed a full house for Iranium, a movie exposing Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. After the embassy protested the presentation in the auditorium of the National Library and Archives in Ottawa, an anonymous threat of violence caused theatre management to cancel the performance.

Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show.

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