Feb 172011

Although more than 120 media—including Canada’s biggest “news” outlets—were given information about a challenge to the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, RoadKill Radio scooped them all on the story.

The Museum’s capital cost is estimated at $311 million and the Operating budget $3.1 million for 2008-2009; $8.6 million for 2009-2010; $15.9 in 2010-2011; and $21.7 million in 2011-2012. That’s over $360 million, and it’s not even open yet; and more that $20 million a year after it opens.

RKR co-host Ron Gray, who was leader of Canada’s fifth-largest national political party for 13 years, has sent a letter to Arni Thorsteinson, chair of the Museum’s Board, and to Hon. James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage to urge that the Museum’s presentation of the story of human rights in Canada should include the stories of many Canadians who have been abused by Canada’s 13 “Human Rights” Commissions and Tribunals.

Ron’s letter listed 28 Canadian individuals and groups, besides himself and his Party, that have suffered abuse in the one-sided process of accusation and judgment that is not governed by the rules of evidence that are required in legitimate courts; and in all cases, the complainant’s costs are completely covered by the taxpayer, but the defendant must pay his or her own costs.

As author and blogger Ezra Levant has written, “The process is the punishment, innocent of guilty.”

To date, no other news medium in Canada has picked up the story; and neither Thorsteinson not Minister Moore, who had the letter a week before it was released to the media, has replied to the letter.

Click here to read Ron Gray’s entire submission to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

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