Feb 172011

Last month the Iranian Embassy pretty well guaranteed a full house for Iranium, a movie exposing Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. After the embassy protested the presentation in the auditorium of the National Library and Archives in Ottawa, an anonymous threat of violence caused theatre management to cancel the performance.

James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, fumed that “Iran is not going to tell Canada what films can or cannot be shown in Canada!” Feb. 6 a sold-out audience jammed the theatre to see the documentary, which is also sharply critical of brutal oppression of the Iranian people by the ayatollahs.
“Who cares what the Iranians think?” Fred Litwin, founder and president of The Free Thinking Film Society, which organized the screening, told RoadKill Radio. “Canadians need to know that Iran is a brutal regime that funds terrorism all over the world—and they’re trying to get a nuclear weapon.”
Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad has threatened to “obliterate” Israel, but insists his nuclear ambitions are “purely peaceful.”

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