Feb 262011

February 26, 2011

American ‘foundations’ influencing
BC’s campaign for Liberal premier?

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2011 (RKR) — BC blogger and researcher Vivian Krause, who has already traced money flowing from several U.S.-based ultra-liberal foundations into Canadian policy debates, told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night that she has found suspicious cash-flows across the border into the BC Liberal Party’s campaign to choose a new leader, and a suspicious coincidence in Liberal Party membership numbers.

“Before the campaign began, the BC Liberal Party had 30,000 members,” Krause told RKR, “and the Wilberforce Foundation in Seattle had 70,000 members. When new memberships closed, the BC Liberal Party had 100,000 members.”

Full story here
RKR interview with Vivian Krause here

Multiculturalism destroying Canada’s
Culture and economy: Lowell Green

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2011 (RKR) — Canada’s “multiculturalism” policy is hurting Canada economically, and threatens to obliterate Canada’s culture, Ottawa broadcaster Lowell Green told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night.

“Every immigrant costs Canada $6,000 a year,” Green said. “But even worse is the impact on Canadian culture; we soon won’t have a culture we can call ‘Canadian’.”

Green has recently published a book, Mayday! Mayday!, in which he attacks the multiculturalism policy introduced by Pierre Trudeau 40 years ago.

“Immigration changed totally in 1990,” Green said. “Until then, for every non-European who came to Canada, about 4 Europeans came, reinforcing Canada’s European Judeo-Christian heritage. Today, for every European immigrant—including those from the USA—we get five non-European immigrants. We’re soon going to have a country that will be Middle Eastern, African or Asian—but not Canadian.

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RKR interview with Lowell Green here

Free Speech Alert!!

Helen Ward, president of Kids First Canada and one of RoadKill Radio’s favourite citizen activists was threatened by police for handing out an information leaflet!! Check this story out!

Media release: Police called to prevent leaflet at public forum held on public property!!

February 23, 2011 (Burnaby)—On February 22, 2011 the West Vancouver Police were called to prohibit the distribution of an information leaflet at a public forum, held at a municipal theatre.

The West Vancouver School District and the West Vancouver Memorial Library held a “community forum on Early Learning” featuring Dr Fraser Mustard, a well-known advocate of universal daycare and all-day kindergarten. Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parent Association of Canada handed out a leaflet in opposition to Dr. Mustard’s policy message in the venue’s foyer.

The leaflet consisted of quotations from Dr Mustard, his colleagues, and economists, with sources. It provided Kids First contact information…Click here for full media release

Click here for the “information leaflet
Click here for RKR audio archived show with Helen Ward
Click here YouTube highlights of RKR show

RKR staffers suggest you forward this story to all your loved ones & friends that are tired of being cash cows for the elitist and being silenced into conformity.

Elections Canada costs soar as votes lag
Spending up fourfold, even as fewer voters cast ballots

RKR News thinks you should know that Elections Canada overall spending, expected to reach $138.6 million this year, is up from $32 million in 1998-1999. If an election is called, the cost will grow by ±$350 million more.

The portion spent on programs—which goes toward enforcing party financing rules, public education and redrawing electoral boundaries, among other things—has swelled more than tenfold since the late 1990s. It’s expected to soar to $30.9 million by the end of this fiscal year, from $2.6 million in 1998-1999…Full PostMedia story here!

Lawsuit alleges Shariah-complaint! Did the cops cover-up ‘honor killings’?
DEARBORN, MI February 22, 2011 (WND)—A lawsuit that challenges official cooperation by the city of Dearborn, Mich.—which has one of the largest populations of Muslims in the U.S.—with Islamic interests makes a stunning allegation: that under the recognized “Shariah” law in the city, there have been “honor killing” murders that have been “covered up.”
The lawsuit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of four Christians whose speech and other civil rights were restricted by official city action at several recent city-sponsored Arab Fest events…Full WND story here!

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