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Like it or not, the abortion debate is back

Red chamber takes closer look at senator qualifications

18 kids have died while taking antipsychotic drugs in Canada

Termination of pregnancies due to birth defects driving increase in stillbirth rates, study shows

Paternity case settled out of court leaving sperm donor laws far from clear

Ex-Nebraska women’s basketball star convicted of lying about anti-gay attack gets week in jail

Gay-straight alliances subject of debate in Saskatchewan

Lead lawyer chosen to head litigation in meningitis cases

Vancouver teachers’ massage claims hit $1.6M last year

John Baird’s ‘English only’ business cards violated language law, says watchdog

Supreme Court to examine Quebec allegations it intervened in Constitution repatriation

“Gay Infertility” is the New Mandatory Health Insurance Frontier

Abortion clinic sometimes snipped spines to kill babies, assistant tells doctor’s murder trial

Honduras refugee who worked as a prostitute without telling his clients he had HIV can stay in Canada

‘Business has boomed’: Canadian surrogacy agent facing 27 charges continues her controversial work

Police Chief: If you don’t curb porn, number of sex crimes will rise

Mississippi Legislature Passes School Prayer Bill

Group marriage is next, admits Dutch ‘father’ of gay ‘marriage’

Canada’s French launch $7mn campaign to fight homophobia

Dance night for 14-year-olds at Windsor strip club cancelled after city steps in

Kelly McParland: Quebec judge strikes a blow against the scourge of secular fundamentalists

Parents shocked by new school survey

B.C. mother furious after son brings home graphic, sexual flip book from school

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Upholds Ban Preventing Gay Couples from Adopting

Cool mom arrested after hiring strippers, lap dances for her son’s 16th birthday

800 more children permanently harmed by vaccines

Maine “Smart Meter” Opponents File Expert Testimony in Supreme Court Case

Generation X-Ray – Child Victims of Technological Abuse

Tories to announce tougher sentences for child predators

Quebec school to appeal to Canadian Supreme Court for right to teach Catholic religion course


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