Smart Meters


Smart meter opponents lose appeal case

November 13, 2012 – By Elizabeth Nolan – Gulf Islands Driftwood

The B.C. Court of Appeal denied a Salt Spring resident and B.C.-wide group the right to appeal a B.C. Utilities Commission decision, shattering hope for smart meter opponents across the province on Tuesday. Read the entire story here…


Legal Injunction Filed in Guam: “No ‘Smart’ Meters Here!”

November 8, 2012 –

Residents in the US Territory of Guam have filed a legal injunction against the forced deployment of smart meters there.

Christopher Allen is the plaintiff in the 44-page injunction, filed after he was told by the Guam Power Authority that he could not opt out of a “smart” meter being forcibly installed by the utility. Read entire story here.


“Smart” meters and the “smart” grid… What’s really at stake?

Around the globe, citizens of all walks of life are invited to realize that we’re all now on the playing field of a corporate control end-game. Through power grid modifications and smart meter installations, monopolistic forces are currently implementing a highly-hackable “smart” system of wireless utility metering, monitoring, selling private data, and control of life in citizens’ homes. Visit for more information.

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