Ministry of Child and Family Development


The Truth about Our Child Protection System

Lisa Arlin, February 29, 2012

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond saught to review MCFD of the Supreme Court judgment 2010 MCFD was found as to not fulfilling its basic mandate to protect children. MCFD simply remove children based on false allegations of abuse, and if abuse even occurred, or be attributed to the parents, MCFD is known as not bothering to first offer services that would address “concerns” as to avoid removals in the first place. Since Mary Ellen got this review I hope she kicks some MCFD ass! The judge said MCFD had to hand over the documents immediately wonder what MCFD is trying to hide since MCFD has put up such a fight.

When mcfd remove a child from their parents it is for profit any child protection concerns never confirmed, it means now mcfd have any child they can hold that child for profit. It is the corrupt business of MCFD. When MCFD removes a child families are targeted who are poor or vulnerable. Read entire text here.


What is MCFD Trying to Hide?

BC Association of Social Workers, May 2, 2010

Through the introduction of Bill 24-2006 the BC government has introduced amendments to the Representative for Children and Youth Act that will restrict the Representative in accessing cabinet documents which are necessary to monitor and assess how the BC government is meeting its mandate toward the children and youth of BC.

The fact that these legislative changes are retroactive to the creation of the Representative’s office, and were hidden within the bill which contained 200 amendments to miscellaneous laws, speaks to the profound lack of transparency, openness and accountability with which the BC government is operating. The introduction of these amendments can only be seen as attempts to undermine and diminish the legislative authority and power of the Representative in holding the BC government accountable for its action and inaction that contribute to the continuing and rapid deterioration of the child welfare and social service systems of care in BC.

There is enough evidence to demonstrate that MCFD is often failing to meet even its most basic legislative mandate – to protect children and youth. Read entire text here.


MCFD’s Absolute Power

People Assisting Parents Association

This formidable power is not only absolute, but also inhumane, oppressive and counter-productive in protecting children. Child removal authority is instrumental to the self-serving profit making purpose in the child protection industry. It allows service providers to define what child abuse is, hence controlling the demand of their services. They dictate quality definitions of their services, manipulate government “child protection” policies, ignore the needs and views of parents whom they call “clients”. They possess the retaliatory means and often used them to suppress dissatisfaction, criticism and complaints. They not only retaliate on parents who dare to resist, but also on their colleagues and other service providers who refuse to be accomplice of the cartel (as evident in the testimonies of former “child protection” workers in the news footage embedded at the top left hand corner of this page). It is safe to contend that they create more problems than they solve and has reduced humanity to the level of brutes.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Read entire article here.

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