Kari Simpson’s Defamation Case


The Koenigsberg Affair/L’Affaire Koenigsberg – How say you Stephen Harper?

Clare L. Pieuk, October 15, 2012

As we delve deeper into this story it’s starting to look more and more like it has the potential to be another Douglas Inquiry minus the “pictures.” Over the coming days, weeks and months CyberSmokeBlog will be posting more documentation on what can only be described as a beyond fascinating journey. Read entire story here.


Drive For Justice

BC social activist Kari Simpson has asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a parliamentary inquiry into judicial corruption in Canada’s courts.

Charging malfeasance by judges and lawyers in her own defamation lawsuit against broadcaster Rafe Mair, Simpson outlines in a letter to the Prime Minister details about judges who should not have been on the bench, other judges who covered for them, lawyers who failed to follow the rules in drafting her case, and how the Supreme Court changed the rules and then denied Simpson the right to have her case heard in light of the new legal test.

The record of corruption by both judges and lawyers illustrates why the public has lost faith in Canada’s justice system, Simpson says. “When the very people who are supposed to protect the Rule of Law bring the law into disrepute, it’s time for Parliament to act,” she says. Visit the site here.

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