Dec 172012

Ron Gray reviews the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the matter of WIC vs. Simpson. Included is the actual recording of Kari Simpson's rally speech that Rafe Mair likened to Hitler and the KKK. Also, to illustrate how Justice Ian Binnie and Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin compounded Rafe Mair's defamation by repeating his lies as so-called facts, this episode has several historical video clips of how Kari Simpson actually stood up for the civil rights of gays, lesbians, and all Canadians.

  3 Responses to “Drive For Justice 26: Our Ermine-Clad Masters Decide”

  1. How come lying lawyers like Dan burnett are allowed to belong to the Barr Association.? I noticed he lied with a complete straight face…no winking, red nothing he is an accomplished liar. Guys like him should not be a lawyer …he cannot be trusted to tell the truth.. fire the lying lawyer now .Ban him from BC and canadian Barr.

    • Here’s a quirky thing about Canadian law: a lawyer is allowed to lie in court in the name of giving his client the best defense. He just can’t lie in public. However, judges are not allowed to repeat the lie as fact in their written decision, which was the case with both Koenigsberg and the Supreme Court judges. They failed to research Burnett’s statements – which they would have discovered as lies – and are now guilty of defamation themselves.

  2. […] reference to one of the most popular Drive For Justice episodes, entitled “Our Ermine-Clad Masters”—an episode in which you can hear exactly what Simpson said, and can compare it to what the SCC […]

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