Oct 202012

Ron Gray delivers his own brief eulogy to Jack Layton, refreshingly honest and insightful. While Canada displayed unusual – and unwarranted – hero status to the late minority leader and frequent also-ran, questions still remain about Mr. Layton's actual effectiveness in improving Canada's culture, economic stability, and endurance. How does a man whose politics so closely resembled those of former failed world leaders deserve the accolades that are still now heaped upon Jack Layton?

  One Response to “Family Freedom Fighters: Jack Layton’s Problematic Legacy”

  1. It is so sad that many citizens are mislead to vote for N D P , or Lib politicians, who’s Political Party policies pass Bills into Law that normalize morbid acts to impressionable school children. Innocent children are then educated to believe such acts are normal, and clubs are formed to recruit them into now legalized activity. These are the same politicians who vote on Bills that make such activities Human Rights. Citizens don’t pretend to be shocked by rotten laws made by these politicians,when you elect these people. Hold them accountable, by checking how they vote on Traditional family Values Bills. In a democracy the citizen is thus politically accountable and responsible for the laws of the land. Do you like your children indoctrinated this way in schools?
    In September 2005 Parliament did no raise the age of sex consent, and in December The Supreme Court Of Canada declared consenting 14 year old’s were as adults, thus legalizing an activity most Canadians considered criminal. When an act is legalized The Canadian Human Rights Act considers it a Human Right and Social Justice. This made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators, and pedophiles. This says a lot about the citizens of democratic Canada who allow such Bills to be passed into Law in the first place. Complaints by parents started to pour into our moral gate keepers like Professor Tom Landers and friends. They politically organized concerned parents and citizens from all faiths including agnostics,from across Canada to unite to pressure their MP’s. Finally by 2008, enough pressure was put on Parliament that a Traditional family Values MP presented a Bill to raise the age of sex consent to put and end to this evil, and it passed into law. Citizen be careful what you allow to be legalized as children’s rights. Their is a lobby group called The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) . Their motto is” sex before eight or else it’s to late.” These people would love to get into clubs and legally recruit schoolchildren,and call it children’s rights.
    These rotten policies within NDP ,and Lib Parties, with a few other politicians joining them are not healthy for the Character of Canada. Even their bad Bills passed into law have been politically reversed by righteous Citizens. This takes a lot of effort. Please think before you allow every unhealthy act to be legalized. Democracy belongs to Canadian citizens and they are responsible for keeping it healthy.

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