Oct 182012

Mark Hasiuk speaks with Laura Robinson, writer and journalist, who alleges in a Georgia Straight article that former Vancouver Olympic Committee CEO John Furlong physically abused students as a high school basketball coach more than 40 years ago. Mr. Furlong strongly denies the allegations and has threatened a lawsuit, but Ms. Robinson sticks to her story and threatens to counter-sue. Hear some very interesting revelations about Ms. Robinson's development of her story.

  2 Responses to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Furlong vs. Robinson… Breaking News, or Broken News?”

  1. I think Laura Robinson is nothing more then a gossip filled loser who has no worthwhile story to write and decided she needed somehting to get her noticed. I hope Furlong suits the hell out of her and she loses anything and everything she has. I was a student at prince george college during this time …and their were thirty two first nations students in my class, a lot of them were good friends with me and I still occasionally here from one or two of them via social media. I at times at various schools was hit with a rod, slapped across the face, strapped until I could not feel my hands, hit on the head with a book, etc. it was all part of disicipline , and it didnt kill me but made me think twice before I stepped out of line. Only if your a native and feeling a little down and out and looking for someone to blame…then along comes gossip colunmnist Robinson to dig it out of me a bunch of 40 year old nonsense of poor me ….I am an abused native.. Shutup already Robinson.

  2. The georgia staight has done more psychological harm to me growing up with the garbage, crap, and more they produced in their anti establishment junk over the years then any discipline from school. I think the pot smoking robinson and her pot smoking anarchist tribe at the straight should just shut the doors and call it a day. Your out of date, and out of touch.

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