Oct 292012

Ron Gray interviews Kari Simpson about the "discovery" portion of her defamation lawsuit against Rafe Mair and his employer, CKNW (WIC Radio). As you will hear, the fix was already in; Rafe Mair's story changes from public venue to discovery to the actual trial as he and his lawyer take advantage of the court's willingness to bend in their direction.

  One Response to “Drive for Justice 19: Discovery (The Fix Is In)”

  1. In British Columbia, the Freemasons have infiltrated the judiciary and the legal profession.

    Freemasonry is an organized crime group.

    Have you checked to determine if any of the lawyers or judges involved were Freemasons?

    Bev McLachlin has a proven history of protecting Freemasons as demonstrated in the Sydel case. SCC 34366 and Freemasons support sodomy which is one of their initiatory practices going back to the Knights Templars who were admitted sodomites.

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