Mar 132012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray have already made their stand (and built their cages) to fend off the dangerous, intrusive, and frankly illegal Smart Meters. Now listen to Una St. Clair of Citizens For Safe Technology (.org) about the growing grassroots movement to protect our health, our homes, our privacy, our money, and our civil rights.

Smart Meters – made in China, assembled in the U.S. – have not been approved for safety by the Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters Laboratory. Your home insurance probably won’t cover the damage done to your home when your Smart Meter starts a fire, as many already have. Insurance can never recover the health consequences that Smart Meters have been documented to cause. Your electricity bill may triple – or more!

Are you ready to stand up for your rights? Are you ready to protect yourself? Are you ready to get smart and Fight Smart Meters?

  8 Responses to “Most Political Parties are Against Smart Meters – Why Aren’t You?”

  1. I have contacted my insurance co., and they are very careful with their information. As a matter of fact, they referred me back to B.C.Hydro in the event, things do go wrong as the result of the “Smart Meter” . B.C.Hydro in turn would blame old wiring.
    Well think about it, no insurance from either side. i.e.Hydro or your insurance co. Start pitching your tent and pray. I think the time has come for “LEGAL ACTION’ a class action
    law suit.

  2. i am taking measures to insure a smart meter does not make onto my property…which i own !!!!

  3. Hello
    Just, watched your show, glad to come across something like this out of B.C. I thought almost right away to ask if you know about the Available Analog Replacement Meter through the Freedom Taker website?

    I have talked to this man. It is explained about as thoroughly possible as it is possible for a human man to be. It is a viable option if one knows exactly how to do this, and how to defend it as well as defend themself. Not too expensive, too expensive if your broke, or on a strict tight budget. It is an option, not the only one. Perhaps you can pass this along to others directly and indirectly involved in this issue. I realize this “Freedom Taker” concept may be quite foreign, even alien to many (NOT ALL) people in British Columbia. Perhaps a little less DOPE smoking is needed, nothing against it in general. It does sometimes, strongly seem to me, that it prevents some from taking a stand against anything (SOMETIMES, NOT always, lest some one tear my cyber head off:) Hope you have a sense of humour, it really is a necessity, especially these days.
    Bye for now
    Oh I do live in B.C. Queensborough actually, where we are not getting any Smart Replacement Meters, actually all of New West, at this time.
    I can send you the document, if i receive an email address, it’s from March, April 2011. Naturally Fortus (Terasen, B.C. Gas, lest any forget:) ) will also want in on the Smart Meter, this is also why it must be defeated and done away with, at least until there is FULL DISCLOSURE and I mean FULL, every detail about these Meters must be made available for all (who want to) to see/read/disect.

  4. I reject smart meters because they spy on us.
    Hydro has no permission to spy on anyone.

  5. One matter that wasn’t explained in this radio interview is: WHY does BC Hydro want to install these smart meters? The only thing I have heard is that these meters wjll enable BC Hydro to monitor how much electricity we are using on various individual devices. But is that the only reason?

    • One of their workers quite openly admitted that they are planning to introduce variable rates. He said that we “consume way too much” during the peak hours and this will teach us to waste less. That is the “official” excuse for their installation. There are more reasons, however. Most people that allowed Hydro to install the smart meters in their homes, noticed an immediate increase in their bills.
      The other reason Hydro is not mentioning is saving money on wages of meter readers. I also wonder if the sudden push for smart meters has something to do with the the HST still in place here in B.C.

      • Sorry. you are missing the point. It is not whether we use too much or not enough electricity. The concern is electromagnetic pulses are entering our homes, which is harmful to the body. The wire- less smart meter is not compatible with the analogue meter. Serious ill effects have been reported. Privacy and total control of what goes on in our homes, plus not to overlook the risk involved of fire to our homes .Insurance Co’s are not too interested if the fire is caused as the result of the smart meters. They refer you back to the Electrical Co. Mission B.C. has lost two homes, co-incidental?????
        This is what I call passing the buck. No one wants to take the responsibility. Check out what is happening globally. When scientists, Doctors and Electrical Engineers are questioning the safety of this meter, then it is high time that action is taken. This has become a very serious issue and has little to do with use of electricity. Apartment dwellers, condo etc. are in the best position to take control of this serious an issue, because they already have people together, and together we are strong.Do not cater to the corporations. It really all boils down to one thing money. Our Money . Tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  6. The comment made by Kari after Una left the air made sense. We have to fight for our rights at citizens in order to keep them.

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