Mar 122012

Mark Hasiuk reviews NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and notes its expansion and mutation after its original objective – encircling the Soviet Union to keep them in check – came to an end with the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Is NATO now a monstrous war machine in search of a war – any war? Mark suggests a possible backlash to NATO’s reluctance to put down its sword.

  2 Responses to “This Day In History: NATO Expands and Mutates”

  1. I worked in Misurata, Libya in 1984 as an engineering consultant at City Hall, so I’m quite sure that the latest NATO intervention was long overdue, not to mention that I was born and lived for over 37 years in Russian (Soviet)-occupied Poland. Instead of criticising NATO and it’s military spending you’d better take a closer look at Putin’s Russia. It’s not the West that wants war. It’s Russia that wants to rebuild its military power and, thank goodness, the West is able to defend its well-being. If you knew Russian and Polish you’d come across thousands of neo-nazi and neao-stalinist YouTube accounts with tens of thousands subscribers and millions of viewers throughout the world, Canada and the US included. They are anything but peaceful and friendly. We’d better had the NATO sword well-sharpened an ready to use. Prevention is better than any hap-hazard mobilisation and improvised defence. Remember, Russian GDP is the size of California’s but it’s nuclear arsenal is still larger than all NATO’s members’ together. Keep your army ready if you want to live in peace.

  2. Please, watch all 9 parts of this CBC nugget of reporting and come back with a follow-up commentary. FYI, nothing has changed for better in Russia as far as progress of democratisation and possible reduction of corruption are concerned.

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