Mar 142012

Attention Vancouver Police Chief Constable Jim Chu: This 3-part series is dedicated to you in the hope that you will learn how wasteful and ineffective your officers can be when they don’t take notes.

Ron Gray interviews Culture Guard President Kari Simpson about the better-late-than-never Freedom of Information package from the Vancouver Police Department regarding the alleged investigation of a complaint that she allegedly filed with them. Lo and behold, the facts are finally emerging!

In the first of three parts (stay tuned on March 17 and 20 for Parts 2 and 3, respectively), we finally hear the wild fabrication that VPD Constable Eric Lott filed from his shaky memory more than a week after meeting with Kari – and refusing to take her complaint. Having taken no notes, and having virtually no training or experience in taking a complaint of fraud and child luring, Constable Lott admits to relying on Google for much of his report.

  2 Responses to “VPD Fail #1: Why Cops Should Take Notes”

  1. Is constable Lott a homosexual? Maybe thats why is so much in favour of advertising for the pride bunch, and ignoring a serious issue of indoctrination of children in school to homosexual porn! His gene advertisement excuse for homosexual porn sites advertised in the brochure leaves me wondering what he does with most of his day!

    • There’s nothing wrong with being gay. It may be that officer Lott, gay or not, is acting on behalf of the insane political correctness that has permeated our society. Protect a “weak and defenceless” group of gay activists against the “hateful attacks” of law-abiding citizens who recognize criminal fraud when they see it. It seems that Lott heard the word “gay” and immediately went into protection mode for Out In Schools, which clearly has committed fraud on many of its sponsors. All Lott could think was the pc mantra “protect the gays” and assumed a hate crime was being committed against them. His superiors jumped to the same false conclusions as Lott. Cops should apply the law equally to all, and in this case they failed miserably.

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