Dec 032011

Kari Simpson’s attempt to file a police complaint against the “Out In Schools” program hit a brick wall in the form of one Vancouver Constable Eric Lott. After refusing to take the well-documented evidence, the Vancouver Police Department then proceeded to clear OIS of any wrongdoing – with none of the evidence in their possession! Does the Vancouver Police Department read minds? Join Ron Gray as he interviews Kari Simspon about her non-complaint.

  2 Responses to “Culture Guard Special: What Complaint?”

  1. From the information made available by Roadkill Radio’s complaint to Vancouver Police Eric Lott etc,about the Out In Schools Teachers Guide with links that show video’s of pornography to BC Public School Children appears to be OK with The Vancouver Police.

    These pornographers are said to be friends with The Vancouver Police. From this information given The Vancouver Police, seem to believe that to try to put a stop to these Out In Schools Teachers Guide links that show pornography to BC Public School Children, is a hate crime. These people cannot be trusted and have to be continually monitored by concerned parents and citizens, as pornography comes and goes on these links. It also appears from this that The Vancouver Police has an agenda of their own, and warns their friends to take of the pornography for awhile when concerned citizens and parents complain. If it sounds like State Sponsored Vice by police and their friends, it probably is. The Vancouver Police ought to have put and end to this pornography and laid charges themselves, or they have been told from higher up not to. We have to get to the bottom of this breach of trust. As voting parents and citizens we must protect our children from sexual exploitation by adults in and out of our schools, because no-one else is.
    All police and government smoke screens ought to be checked out thoroughly from now on.

    Thank You Keri and Ron, for bringing this criminal activity against innocent BC school-children to our attention. What you did and are doing is a valuable public service to BC Parents, Children and Concerned Citizens, and thus certainly not a hate crime. The only crime that has been committed is against the innocence of BC School Children. Has Politically Correct Relativism made a hate crime out of reason? Very sad news about our Vancouver Police. This criminal behavior has to stop. How long has this been going on?

  2. […] here for the video update and VPD Const. Lott’s telephone […]

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