Dec 012011

Christy Clark cuts funding to a proven program that steered abused women off the street and onto the educational highway.

Ty Mistry runs Peers Vancouver, a service that helps sex trade workers exit that lifestyle. Most common-sense people think this is a good thing; Mark Hasiuk thinks it is a good thing, and the RoadKill Radio crew thinks it is a great thing… BUT, the provincial government thinks otherwise! Shock!! … Gasps!!

It seems that while provincial funding continues to pour toward programs that perpetuate drug use and encourages health-threatening sex activism, Peers is facing a total cut in their provincial funding. Join Mark Hasiuk as he speaks to Ty Mistry about this incredibly misguided decision.

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  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Ty Mistry Tries to steer Peers Vancouver around Christy Clark’s Road Block”

  1. Government should promote public virtue by helping prostitutes, drug addicts, young and old people involved in scientifically proven morbid behavior, out of their harmful situations, instead of normalizing them, and thus allowing the abuses to continue. Are they thinking of getting into the pimping and drug dealing business themselves? Money, money, money, money, any way thy can make a buck on others pain. Hey they say, lets normalize this and we will make billions on State Sponsored Vice. Whatever happened to our original definition of love. Did it all get redefined with the imposing of Politically Correct Relativism by Government Decree and Court Enforcement, from Kindergarten? What kind of democratic society elects politicians who pass morbid Bills into Law, to our Legislatures? The solution to this in our democratic Province is in the minds and hands of our voting citizens. If we really want to organize to accomplish this, as democratic citizens we will. This has been done before between 2005-2008 where concerned citizens from all walks of life forced Parliament to change rotten Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law. Politicians in democracies become tyrants when citizens choose to do nothing about State Sponsored Vice, and swallow everything that is imposed on them. In our democracies the buck stops in the voting citizens hand. That is why Politics is so overwhelmingly important, only those who like to use people say otherwise.

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