Nov 292011

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they review BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman’s decision upholding the ban on polygamy, concluding “There’s no such thing as ‘good polygamy’.”

Hear each side of the argument from guests Gerald Chipeur, well-known civil rights lawyer and legal counsel for the Christian Legal Fellowship, and Doug Christie, a hero among those who work to protect free speech and expression. Mr. Christie appeared as legal counsel for the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

  One Response to “29 November 2011 Webcast: No Such Thing as ‘Good Polygamy’”

  1. In its December 20,2005 decision ,The Supreme Court of Canada ,legalized a type of business activity previously restricted by Canadian Law, overturning two previous Court of Appeal decisions that had ruled group-sex clubs qualified as bawdy houses violating community decency standards and were therefore illegal.

    Now under Canadian Law consenting 14 year old’s are considered consenting adults. The courts controversial decision has made Canada a legal sex trafficking playground for pedophiles and perverts.

    Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin was joined by Justices Major, Binnie, Deschamps, Fish, Abella and Charron in the sex-club decision.

    Dissenting Justices Michael Bastarache and Louis LeBel said that the Canadian high court’s ruling,” strips of all relevance the social values that the Canadian community as a whole believes should be protected,” according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

    Bill C313 to raise the age of sex consent was defeated 167 to 99 on September 28, 2005. 90 FEDERAL Conservatives voted to raise the age of sex consent, and of all the rest of the POLITICAL PARTIES IN CANADA PUT TOGETHER :ONLY 9 MEMBERS VOTED TO RAISE THE AGE OF SEX CONSENT. What kind of society elects politicians who pass harmful Bills into Law to our Legislatures and Parliament, or Political Parties that have policies which support vice? Government should be passing benevolent laws instead of State sponsored licentiousness. How our MP’s voted on this Bill was on the Government of Canada website

    Social Conservatives have to unite and the Politically Correct change their minds to join us, as some already have by looking at the consequences of their political choices on Canadian children, and society.

    Professor Tom Landers , Dr.Walter Szetela ,friends and concerned citizens joined together across Canada in 2005-2008 to put an end to this rotten Law and Legislation. They got Parliament to Pass a Bill to raise the age of sex consent in 2008 , thus closing this legal loop-hole in Canadian Legislation and Law, that allowed sexual predators to legally exploit Canadian Children.

    Here we go again.

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