Dec 062011

Why are corporate-backed Smart Meters being forced on British Columbians when they prove to be unhealthy, dangerous, and an invasion of your privacy? Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Sal Vetro, who is turning BC’s successful anti-HST machine against this latest attack on our civil rights.

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  One Response to “6 December 2011 Webcast: Smart Meters – a (really) Dumb Idea”

  1. Thank you to Kerry and Ron for covering the smart meter issue. I have been involved in the man made electromagnetic radiation health issue for almost twenty years and the radiation emitted from Smart meters and the concomitant smart grid will only add to our already over loaded electromagnetic environment. These are very dangerous times for humans as powerful people in control of powerful corporations and governments are able to ignore the wishes of the people to protect their health and subject them to harmful electromagnetic energy. We have to rise up and fight back. Please come to and pre register your support for our initiative vote. Walt McGinnis

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