Oct 042011

National Post


Why did the National Post cave
to the sex activist’s political lobby?
Is the National Post beholden to the sex activists?
Can we trust the National Post?
Has the National Post committed
Journalistic Terrorism?!

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray

as they interview Dr. Charles McVety, Executive Director of the Institute for Canadian Values, the organization that dared to inform Canadians about the truth of Premier McGuinty’s plan to use children in a bizarre social-sexual experiment – at least they tried to inform us, until the National Post pulled their ads and then apologized for running them!

Check out Ron Gray’s commentary here!

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  2 Responses to “4 October 2011 Webcast”

  1. Politically Correct Relativism has replaced Christianity in Government,
    Law and Education and thus has permeated Western Civilization. It is a
    doctrine that teaches all worldviews are equally true and beneficial.
    Once the majority is educated in this, from Kindergarten by so-called
    Social Justice School Teachers they will accept this as a way of life,
    so they can be easily manipulated. In the guise of Separation of Church
    and State this new worldview and religion of Politically Correct
    Relativism has been politically established. This is certainly not the
    same Christian Country in Government, Law and Education that many of our
    forefathers escaped tyranny to fight for in the Great Wars.

    Our Democratic Western Civilizations Laws are made by Bills passed into
    Law in our Legislatures and Parliament by elected politicians, thus the
    voting citizens are responsible for electing Traditional Family Values
    Politicians for a safer society.

    Has anyone studied the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS
    Surveillance Report which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    Homosexuality is extremely deadly? What about Gay Bowel Syndrome a
    collection of bowel deceases which is endemic in the homosexual
    population causing the mechanical dis-function of the lower bowel tract,
    and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sodomy is Morbid? Why are
    these Legal and promoted to Public School Children by so-called social
    justice public school teachers , and Canadian Governments? Has almost
    everyone gone stark raving made in Canada?

    Two Homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have
    discovered a Homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere can repeat
    their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad Science. The
    Popular Media also helps to spread this BS to impressionable people. Why
    would anyone subscribe to newspapers and popular media who promote this
    morbid activity to public school children from Kindergarten? This BS is
    spread to Impressionable Public School Children as truth by
    adult so-called social justice school teachers, and that is diabolical.
    Homosexual behavior Is proven to be deadly to ones health, and ought not
    to be taught to impressionable schoolchildren by adult teachers as just
    another healthy alternative lifestyle they can pursue.

    This is not homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts.

    Therefore Parents and Concerned Citizens have every “right” to put an
    end to this morbid indoctrination of Canadian Children by adult teachers
    who should know better. Don’t you think?

  2. It is unconscionable what “educators” across Canada are doing to our children!  Turning them into porn addicts!  No wonder the push is on for “safe” injection sites, “safer sex”, the trojan horse of politically correct double speak “tolerance”, “equity” “safety”, “anti bullying”, “human rights” etc.

    In B.C. its the “Out in Schools” program, in Ontario it’s the “equity”  strategy.  As a result, parents are in rebellion against governments, trying to protect their children against pornography, unhealthy, high-risk sexual behavior, gender confusion, etc.  Education in Canada is a nightmare for parents.

    What are the provincial education ministers doing to protect Canadian children?  Are they a part of the problem, aiding and abetting those who have designs on young children, at the expense of taxpayer dollars?  What are the premiers doing to stop the sexualization of children?

    Enough is enough – it’s time to take back our schools.  Parents wake up and stand up for your children – the government has designs on them.  It started with re-defining Marriage, now it’s social engineering with our kids.

    As for the National Post, we have cancelled our subscription – we do not share the same values.
    We believed that they were the only media outlet we could trust – how wrong we were!

    We will be cancelling Telus as well.

    When they stop pandering to special interest groups and standing for truth, we may re-consider.

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