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October 11, 2011- 7:30 pm

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Katrina Effert KILLED her newborn baby boy.

A Canadian Judge, speaking on behalf of Canadians, found that Canadians would “grieve for the mother” and did not sentence Katrina to any jail time!?!?!?!!?? HUH? WHAT the….?!

Kari Simpson, Ron Gray and special guest STEPHANIE FENNELLY, Executive Director for Alberta Pro-Life, are three Canadians who have some STRONG words for Judge Veit and for Canadians. (LifeSite News story on this case here)

“It is time to stop murdering Canada’s future; it is time to stop the insanity.”

  One Response to “Killing Babies, a Canadian Value?”

  1. Unbelievable. How can this happen in our society. I live in Camrose and can’t believe that someone can get away with murder and have no consequence.
    I know that Alberta is planning a defunding campaign to atleast stop paying for abortions. I think its a great first step to protecting life. If you live in Alberta and want more details, check out http://www.albertaprolife.com

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