Oct 042011

by Ron Gray

The essence of democracy is that all public business, including justice (indeed, especially justice), must be done in the open, where nothing can be hidden. That’s the reasoning behind “freedom of the press” in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms: the news media are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the public.

But what happens when those eyes and ears are captured by propagandists? Then the public is rendered blind and deaf to important facts that affect their lives and their families; they can easily be duped, and robbed blind.

And that is exactly what has happened, alas, all over Canada!

Consider the close links that have been forged between the so-called “mainstream media” (what RoadKill Radio.com calls “the downstream media”) and militant ‘gay’ activists and propagandists.

Do the media ever show the blatant nudity and pornographic displays that mark “Gay Pride” parades? Do they ever ask whether school projects by militant ‘gay’ activists might be harmful to children?

No. And why not?

Perhaps it’s because the sponsors of the parades include the media themselves: CBC, CTV, Global TV, The Beat (94.5 FM) 24 Hours, KVOS-TV, CKNW, Co-op Radio, the Tyee, AM 730, CITR (101.9 FM), The Vancouver Courier and The West Ender are all sponsors, alongside Viagra and Trojan condoms, of Vancouver’s Pride Parade.

And major advertising accounts vital to the economic survival of all major media, like the Vancouver Sun and Province, include “Gay Pride” sponsors like VanCity and Coast Capital credit unions; Home Depot; TD, Royal and CIBC banks; Safeway, Mariott, Holiday Inn Hotels and Sandman Hotels. Volunteer sponsors include The Real Canadian Superstore and Pacific Centre.

When the media and their big advertisers are so closely tied to “Pride” events, how can their audience trust their “news” reports about such events? Would they ever expose the corruption in own pet projects and those of the advertisers on whom their survival depends?

To ask the question is to answer it.

The huge, multimillion-dollar homosexual propaganda apparatus (Pride Parades, Pride Education Network, the Queer Film Festival, Out in Schools, EGALE) and the media—the so-called “eyes and ears” of the public—are all huddled together under one blanket; and so the public is kept in the dark.

Perhaps that’s why, when the National Post recently ran two full-page ads paid for by the Institute for Canadian Values (see below), just a few days later the Post ran a Page 2 “apology”, and said they would donate the proceeds of those two ads to “gay rights” organizations.

An apology for what? For allowing a citizens’ organization to tell the public the truth? Since when does a “news” medium need to apologize for that?

Indeed, the Post should have apologized for waiting until an educational organization, supported by private donations, exposed the draconian, fascist brainwashing of students who are a captive audience in the public schools. That’s the job of the news desk, not the advertising department!

But in Canada, the “news” media have long since stopped doing the job that earns them “freedom of the press”. And our press, bound by golden shackles, is no longer free—or trustworthy.

—Ron Gray

Ron Gray is News Director and co-host of RoadKillRadio.com. He began his career as a newspaperman under the late, great Jack Webster, who was then City Editor of the Vancouver Sun. He has written for the Sun, the Chilliwack Progress, the Richmond Review, the Fiji Times and the CBC. He has also worked in media relations for Fraser Valley College (now University of the Fraser Valley) and Trinity Western University.

  2 Responses to “Why our ‘news’ media cannot be trusted”

  1. Right on Ron. Would that more would see it for what it is.
    Thanks for highlighting these issues once again.
    Harold Ludwig

  2. Much appreciated Ron. Too few voices speaking the truth and I direct my salute to you and Kari and Terry and of course those folks who work behind the scenes at RKR and Cultureguard as well as the brave souls who take whatever opportunity is before them to share the other side of the story so that people can be informed and make up their own minds. Shame on the National Post. There is a list of “pet” issues that will only be treated ‘one way’ by a media that has been backed into a corner after years of cow-towing and now fearing the bellowing bullies. No free press, no free society…just propaganda. 1984.

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