Dec 222011

Twas the Night Before Xmas (a Cautionary Tale)

Twas the night before Xmas, when from west to east
Not a creature was praying, not even a priest.
Religion, tradition… the Canadian Way
Had now been politically corrected away.

While children were up late in front of their screens,
Texting to pedophiles, Tweeting to fiends,
Social workers poised to steal our tikes
To pump up their profits and earn their pay hikes.

The RCMP and the BCTF –
Toadies of sex activists, bullies, the Left –
Tightened their hold on the next generation,
Fending off critics with false allegations.

When out on the lawn there arose such a hollar,
My bear trap had caught a Smart Meter installer.
He filed a Human Rights Complaint right away
Claiming a hate crime because he was gay.

And downtown the junkies shot up in plain sight
Enabled by tax-paid support of Insite,
While vids lauding gay sex unencumbered
Forgot to mention AIDS’ record-high numbers.

I ran out to pick up my local news rag –
Whose stories are cleared by the largest placed ads –
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A 12 percent tax – HST is still here!

The headlines insisted that everything’s fine
Until I began to read ‘tween the lines
To realize vaccines were an ethical breach
And “bubble zones” burst any hopes of free speech

The Tides Foundation they claim beneficial
By controlling our resources and owning officials.
The riots they claimed were anarchist-driven,
But just punks were charged – the rest were forgiven?

GMO food will feed the whole planet,
And, by the way, ultimately damn it.
Slutwalkers march for their right to dress slutty,
But marching for peace is called outright nutty.

The Supreme Court makes laws with no one’s permission
And free baby-killers and promote sedition.
Voting is passé, and voters called fools,
While indoctrination turns out in schools.

I ran to my house and pulled closed my shutters
And wondered how Canada fell in the gutter.
Well, people are lazy, complacent, and scared,
We cowered to bullies, we dared not to care.

It’s easy to coast, hand reigns to a guide,
Even when Liberty misses the ride.
On Facebook, on Twitter, the web and iPhones;
Hi tech smoke and mirrors, now we are all pwned.

We gave up our freedom, let someone else drive.
We sold out our country, our culture, our lives.
Our Masters now laugh as they call out tonight:
“Happy Xmas to all – thanks for quitting the fight.”

~ NA ~

  One Response to “Twas the Night Before Xmas (a Cautionary Tale)”

  1. When the Christian perspective is taken out of Government, Law and Education by decree, and enforcement in a democracy what else could have happened? Pagan Rome was like this before it adopted a Christian Worldview. There was a reason the Christian ethic was adopted by Western Civilization in Government,Law and Education. This regression back to Paganism has its consequences.

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