Mar 082011

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Public Education hijacked:
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(plus: hear how the ‘downstream’ media distorts/censors ‘news’)


Family vs. State – The Bayne family’s battle with
social workers from the
Ministry of Destruction

Join Terry O’Neill, Ron Gray and Kari Simpson

7:30 – 8:30 pm:

Sex Talk! FREE 4 ALL!!

OK, now that we have your attention – you must tune in and hear what’s happening in our tax-funded public schools! Your schools, your children, your hard-earned cash! Has public “education” become a Sex, Sexual Politics & Propaganda-fest?!? RKR’s good friend, Doris Darvasi, President of Real Women BC and an active member of Take Back our Schools, joins us for this, no-holds-barred, take- no-prisoners, discussion about why parents’ groups are calling for a boycott of the public education system and demanding full funding for education alternatives!! Click here for the RKR News story

*Please be advised, this discussion is rated NS4PC! Click here for rating information.

8:30 – 9:30 pm:


Paul & Zabeth are in-studio to share the story of their on-going struggle with the Ministry of Children & Family, to have their
four children returned to them. This is an important story that illustrates why the unbridled power of incompetent social workers must be curtailed.

What do we do when the child abuser is the social worker? What do we do when judges hide behind the law, putting their reputations ahead of a child’s best interests? Why are we as tax-payers paying, in excess of, $6000.00 per month to a foster family, when the children’s grandparents are willing to have them? This could be your family. When are we willing to say “enough is enough!”?
Click here for the background on the Bayne family’s plight; this is an excellent and important blog!

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