Mar 132011

RKR launches drive to have the Baynes’
children returned to home and parents

RoadKill Radio wants answers from the Ministry of Children and Family and has become a champion for the Bayne family in their struggle to be reunited with their children.

That decision was announced on-air by Kari Simpson March 8 after Paul and Zabeth Bayne appeared in studio to relate their story—a story that included information that a Ministry official had admitted—in court—falsifying a document, and the story of a four-pound premature baby being seized in hospital, only five hours after his birth!

The Bayne’s story, as they related it to Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill, began with an injury suffered by their new-born daughter, Bethany, in October of 2007. Zabeth Bayne had just finished feeding Bethany, she said, and had put the child onto a blanket on the floor, when their second son ran around a corner, tripped and fell onto Bethany.

The Baynes took Bethany to the hospital, where the doctor on duty said, “She’ll be fine.” …full story, must read, must act!

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Gray urges parents ‘pull kids out of school’;
Kari challenges BCTF to ‘become informed’

Parents for Democracy in Education is an organization that tries to stop the teachers’ union from forcing one-sided information about dangerous, medically unsafe sexual practices into the classroom. When PDE vice-president (and occasional RKR co-host) Ron Gray was a guest on RoadKill Radio’s March 8 broadcast, he not only outlined the organization’s strategy, he also exposed how the “downstream” media distorts coverage on this issue, on which it has already adopted a position.

March 6, PDE issued a “Parents’ Alert” informing the public of a booklet being distributed by the BC Teachers’ Federation—Gender Spectrum, published by Pride Education Network (formerly Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC). That booklet describes “gender” as “a spectrum” and “a product of the mind”; it says there is really a range of many gender identities besides male and female; and that gender identity development happens from birth to death. Furthermore, Gender Spectrum says there is no “correct” style of expression for males or females; and says “Being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.” …full story

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