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March 6, 2011

RKR & BC First examine the flawed selection of BC’s new Premier-designate

On the heels of the squeaker elevation of broadcaster-politician-soccer Mom Christy Cark to be BC’s next Premier, RoadKill Radio has exposed several serious flaws in the process of that election. On RKR’s March 1 broadcast, BC First leader Chris Delaney joined Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill in studio to inform listeners and viewers of the two major concerns:
1 –Foreign influence in BC politics
2- Confusion in the Liberal Party’s voting procedure

Vancouver researcher Vivian Krause, by studying documents filed in the USA, found that The Tides Foundation, an arm of billionaire Leftist financier George Soros’ political network, through the Seattle-based Wilberforce Foundation, may have been behind money poured into the coffers of “Organizing for Change”, a BC-based group of environmental extremists devoted to stopping tanker traffic on the BC coast…full story
click here to listen/download the RKR archived show

ALERT! Parents urged to pull kids to protest BCTF’s ‘Day of Silence’ & ‘Anti-homophobia Week’

A British Columbia group has urged parents to take their children out of school to protest “indoctrination” of students by the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF).

At the heart of the issue are BCTF’s support of the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence” April 15, and “Week Against Homophobia” May 17-21.

But Parents for Democracy in Education did not just urge parents to pull their children during those events; the PDES “Parents’ Alert” issued March 4 stated: “The very best action for concerned parents is to pull their children completely out of the tax-funded indoctrination centres that are wrongly called ‘schools’.” …full story

‘Experts’ say pedophilia is just another sexual orientation; what will that mean?

Brian Rushfeldt was close to apoplectic when he was interviewed March 1 on RoadKill Radio. But the Executive Director of Canadian Family Action was still articulate, clear and very common-sensical about the outrageous testimony given by “expert” witnesses to a Senate Committee hearing on Bill C-54, legislation to require minimum mandatory sentences for pedophiles.

“They offered no evidence, only their own opinion,” said Rushfeldt.

He pointed out that one of the “expert” witnesses, Professor Hubert Van Gijseghem of the University of Montreal, who said that pedophilia is “just another sexual orientation”, had given similar ungrounded testimony before parliamentary committees before—always with a slant that supported the contention of pro-‘gay’ activists that in sexual matters, “anything goes.” …full story
click here for RKR archived show
Click here for the Justice Committee transcripts
Click here for info on Joe Comartin’s Bill C-628, lowering age of consent for minors to practice sodomy

Got your second job yet? Your third? BC Hydro rates to rise 50% in 5 years!

How Liberals thank their big corporate supporters: trash public agencies, then privatize them on the cheap

In-studio guest Chris Delaney, leader of the new BC First Party, said on the March 1 broadcast of RoadKill Radio that corporatist policies of the Campbell government are behind the announcement that BC Hydro needs to raise rates 50 percent over the next five years.

“It’s combination of issues,” said Chris Delaney. “The Liberals’ 3P policy, and their commitment to privatization; run-of-river; the ‘green’ agenda…

“There’s nothing as green as hydro power, in terms of emissions. The only problem with ‘run-of-river’ is that they’re giving it to GE and other American companies…. And the price they pay for it is double what’s on the market… Sometimes, BC Hydro is paying nine times as much…

“I have to give credit to Rafe Mair and others, who have been on this issue for a long time…
click here to listen/download RKR archived show

Is Christie Clark a bad Canadian? Ten things that identify a ‘bad Canadian’

In our desire to be helpful, RoadKill Radio on its March 1 broadcast offered a guide: How to Spot a really ‘bad Canadian’:

10 – Radio talkers (e.g., Christy Clark) who try to bully people into injecting their kids with an experimental vaccine for an imaginary pandemic. (See Swined, Swooned and Swindled, RKR Fall, 2010)

9 – Someone who accepts $20,000 (e.g., Clark, again) for a political campaign from a lobbyist/non-lobbyist who at one point represented both BC Rail and CN Rail during the tainted sale of public assets from one to the other… full list here

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