Feb 182014

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview Linda Gray of Mission America. Ms. Gray has written a book – "Maybe He's Not Gay; Another View on Homosexuality" – that has received both high acclaim and vitriolic criticism. We'll let you guess who's not happy with the book – and they even admit to hating it without having read it… so much for fairness and open minds. To learn more, go to MissionAmerica.com, or click the picture below:

Maybe Hes Not Gay

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio News: Linda Harvey – Another View on Homosexuality”

  1. This is the argument of Religious Secularists: Some Kindergarteners may be born naturally homosexual, therefore legalized sodomy ought to be normalized to nurture all impressionable Kindergarteners, as a human right. Now legal clubs are formed by adult educators and their homosexual activist friends to recruit innocent children, as human rights and social justices. What kind of politically apathetic and indifferent society allows this? Be careful what you allow the politicians you elect to rule you, and your children legalize, as The Human Rights Act normalizes legal behaviors. I have spoken with many clergy too, and found most of these politically A W O L . All sorts of evil has been legalized throughout history, by the idea of what is legal is moral. When Secularists say they are neutral they are being dishonest, as they impose their morality on everyone as legalized human rights starting with Kindergarteners. Political apathy and indifference is the same as surrender. Canada was a Christian Country in Government, Law and Education not long ago,as was the rest of Western Civilization. I used to start school with The Lord’s Prayer, because my parents and grandparents kept politically active to keep it that way. Now perversion is normalized to schoolchildren by adults as human rights. Time to think on this, and get politically organized.

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