Feb 172014

Bill Whatcott joins Kari Simpson in studio for a fascinating interview with one of Canada’s best known activists. This is a no-holds-barred look into the motivations and thoughts of a man who is changing, challenging and creating the political and civil debate on issues like abortion and homosexuality. Love him or hate him, Bill Whatcott is a force, and people are listening.

For more information on Bill Whatcott’s activities check out his site at FreeNorthAmerica.ca.

  3 Responses to “Beyond the Talk: Bill Whatcott – Activism in Canada!”

  1. I am activist and the reason for things not happening is that is there is no money. I could do so much on the anti abortion issue, pro Conservative issues, Family law and support of Israel if I had money. Its the same all over, the Left gets the money and the Right gets no support. Without it we will remain “in the closet” I have to eat and I need computer supplies and even Coke Zero is out of my reach. if not for the food bank I would not survive. but I carry on fighting as I am able. I am just saying it could be a whole lot easier.

    • Trust me buddy, the left don’t get the money neither. The only ones with money, are the ones already at the top… and they are playing both of us.

  2. Thank you Roadkill Radio for providing a venue.
    Thank you Bill Whatcott for putting it out there.Thank God for everything else…

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