Jan 172014

Ron Gray, host of RoadKill Radio’s popular "Drive for Justice" series, launches a new weekly series for RKR fans: "The Ron Gray Show". In this 2014 introductory episode, Ron outlines what he has in store for the audience: a tri-partite feast of news, opinion… and religious studies.

The new series will feature—in no particular frequency or sequence—three themes:

1 – News that the “lamestream” media miss, neglect or “spike” (bury);

2 – Commentaries on the news stories they do cover; and

3 – A new feature: a walk with Ron through his on-going examination of spiritual discoveries and trends in faith.

This introductory episode begins with his reflections on

(a) why the news and entertainment media, and the Education Establishment, shun stories about faith; and

(b) a couple of examples of how “naturalism” as a limiting paradigm for “science” sometimes results in frauds and/or ignorance.

This looks like it could be fun! If nothing else, it should stir some controversy.

Oh; one more thing: "Drive for Justice" is coming back, too. So fasten your seat-belts!

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