Jan 142014

RKR is back at work—and there’s so much work to be done!

First off, we’re kicking off the New Year with a number of new shows.

Ron Gray will be introducing his new show, "The Ron Gray Show". Ron is an icon here at RoadKill Radio. I shouldn’t tell tales out of school, but the debates and discussions that transpire here when the cameras are off are beyond entertaining! Ron is RKR’s personal historian, trivia master—and he can sing pretty good too! The Ron Gray Show promises to be both provocative and informative.

As many of you already know, late last year we added "Tax Talk", hosted by the not-so-meek (and really cute, Kari says) Jordan Bateman. Jordan is BC Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, an organization that focuses its laser vision on how the government is spending OUR tax dollars! "Tax Talk" is informative, brilliant, insightful—and we promise it will make you laugh, cry, weep—and stomp your feet.

RoadKill Radio News will continue every week with hosts Ron Gray and Kari Simpson, featuring events that directly affect your life and impact your family.

Kari Simpson will introduce "Beyond the Talk", a show that will introduce you to the “movers and shakers” who are making a difference in Canada; individuals from all walks of life—politicians, moms, dads, business leaders, ordinary citizens—who are using their voices, their talents and their energy to impact the culture and our democracy.

"Drive for Justice" will continue! Because our courts need to be overhauled, because the corruption of the Rule of Law is no longer tolerable, and because Parliament must address this most serious reality. The original 35-episode series will re-emerge as "Drive for Justice II". Because the first DfJ series provoked members of the legal profession across the country to tell us that they, too, had witnessed judicial corruption first-hand, Ron Gray and Kari Simpson will continue to expose the cases and the legal organizations that act as illegal, unsanctioned gatekeepers—like the Canadian Judicial Council—that protect those who should be publicly admonished. "DFJ II" will strive to protect the integrity of the courts and the judicial system we have inherited.

We appreciate your comments. You deserve credit for staying involved and informed, and we thank you for your support. This is going to be a good year for common-sense civil Canadians, and it is going to be a wild ride!

Buckle up Canada, and log on!

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