Mar 262013

In the first of two parts, Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Jim Hnatiuk, leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. Mr. Hnatiuk discusses the government's new Office of Religious Freedom, and exposes it as a ploy to further destroy the Canadian culture by devaluing the very values on which this country was built.

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  1. […] of the clearest examples of late is RoadKill Radio’s interview with Jim Hnatiuk, who is the leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.  Hnatiuk, of course, has a vested […]

  2. I find Mr. Hnatiuk hard to understand due a “hollow barrel” echo on the line.

  3. Our audio recorder – an old Windows XP laptop – occasionally crashes during a show, making a few of our shows (like this one) dependent on the lesser in-camera audio pickup. Donations toward a new laptop will not be turned down.

  4. The book “Marketing of Evil” really tells it like it is. It is a must read.

    Thanks Kari, Ron and Jim Hnatiuk for speaking up and opening the eyes of Canadians. We know that there are weak links in the government who do not speak for a great number of Canadians particularly on the issues of life and family.

    You are right, we are being led into a totalitarian form of government that is destroying the fabric of our society. We have no democracy in Canada. Our present government refuses to live up to its name.

    True “Canadian values” are being replaced by false values, and, as a result our nation is suffering.

    Thank you for speaking up.

  5. Kari’s comments about homosexuality are extremely bigoted and frankly the 2 men conversing with her should have called her out on it. The so-called “Christians” in Uganda are proposing legislation that would see homosexuals sent to jail for life and even punishes those who turn a blind eye to it, and practically makes it impossible to repeal the bill once passed.

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