Mar 192013

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray shake their heads in disbelief at this one. As Clarissa Luluquisin of National Campus Life Network ( explains – with video – a talk by invited guest speaker MP Stephen Woodworth at the University of Waterloo was interrupted and then cancelled because of the incessant heckling and shouted profanities by a small group of young women clad as various parts of the female reproductive organs. Hopefully these girls will learn that this thug "debate" style makes them look even more ridiculous than their pink-banana-looking costumes, and that denying free speech and open dialogue exposes them as dictatorial bigots.

  One Response to “Free Speech Usurped by a Screeching Pink Banana!”

  1. Thank you for broadcasting this to the world to show that it is very important for the formation of young people to have respect for themselves, respect for others and to build a culture of life training for the future of Canada and the world.
    Elsie Alexander, Moose Jaw/

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