Mar 182013

Ron Gray presents big cash incentives to those of you who want to help Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin maintain her lies about Kari Simpson. Chief Bevy's fate is in your hands, folks, since failure to prove her lies will mean she will have to resign from the court! You see, contrary to the legal requirement of proving a case involving libel, defendant Rafe Mair failed to provide any foundation for his lies, admitting that he never even heard Kari Simpson speak on the issues central to the case. But Chief Bevy decided to believe Mair's unfounded lies and went a step further by publishing his lies as the "factual" basis of her decision.

Here's the deal: Produce verifiable evidence (not hearsay or more lies) that makes any of these lies true. This is your chance – 4 chances, actually – to make big money by merely proving what Rafe Mair, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, and the 2008 Supreme Court of Canada (the panel that presided over Simpson's case) say about Kari Simpson. Simply prove to us and to the world that Kari Simpson led the opposition to the infamous "3 Books" in Surrey, or that she's "opposed to any positive portrayal of a gay lifestyle," or that she's intolerant of homosexuals and/or is anti-gay, or – for the really big money – that the Supreme Court of Canada has any right to change a legal test and then use the new test to make a finding without letting the parties know the legal test they have to meet.

So far it's looking bad for Chief Justice Bevy. Since no one is stepping up with the evidence, she should start packing up her office. Canadians will not tolerate a liar and an arrogant, out-of-touch cheat for a Chief Justice of the high court!

  2 Responses to “Drive For Justice 33: Upping the Ante – Now $130,000 in Rewards Offered!!!”

  1. Since they made their decision on faulty “made-up” illusions in Kari’s case , they tried it again with Bill Whatcott . They used again “made up “evidence” that did not exist in order to convict him. Chief Justice is getting into the habit which brings the Court into disrepute. Sad state for subsequent cases if this is the “trend”.

  2. Canadians have to get togeather and remove these high wind bags from the courts. As well as the (sorry to say) A holes in the Canadian barr. The whole bunch are a pack of clowns who run a “clockwork Orange” justice system. I have no respect for them , or even acknowledge their positions. I think they should be treated like the Taliban.

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