Mar 172013

robert_a_jasonRobert A. Jason – in the form of emailed newsletters, actually – is a constant companion to the RoadKill Radio staff. As Mr. Jason explains on his website,, “In this daily labour of love, I tackle social/moral issues like the family, education, crime, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and trying my two bits worth to stem the spiritual and moral decay in our beloved country. Moreover, I have been writing letters to newspapers, politicians et al on these politically-incorrect matters the ‘mainstream’ media is afraid to touch for over a decade now.” Bravo, Mr. Jason! We encourage everyone to join this most informative newsletter today!

To donate to Mr. Jason’s newsletter ministry, just go to his website, & click on DONATE, or simply mail your gift to:

Robert Jason
P.O.Box 549
Fonthill ON L0S 1E0

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