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Most of us toy with making New Year’s resolutions, many of us state them outright, but a scarce few of us actually succeed in our resolve. Maybe if we scaled down our lofty self-promises, we’d have some bragging rights by the end of the year.

The main trick is to be realistic about your resolutions. Truth, justice, and the American way are a never-ending battle for even Superman, so lower your sights.

And narrow your scope; a single resolution would be infinitely easier to accomplish than a litany of self-improvements. If you try to quit smoking, drinking, and overeating all at once, you’ll certainly fail – if you don’t kill yourself first! Pick one at a time. Make sure it sticks before you move on to the next hurdle.

Be patient. It’s a New Year’s resolution, after all, so give it up to a year to see it through. Pace yourself.

Once you choose a resolution, refine it by establishing goals. “Lose weight” is a lofty resolution, but “Lose one pound a week for 10 weeks” is a realistic goal.

We should keep the number of resolutions to a minimum. Use my chart below, adding possible resolutions to what’s already there. If you like, rearrange the column categories from Easy, Moderate and Difficult to something like Mind, Body and Spirit or Short-Term, Mid-Term and Long-Term.

Then choose only one from Column A, and/or one from Column B, and/or one from Column C. That should be manageable. Good luck!


• Become better organized
• Become greener
• Create personal budget
• Develop hobby
• Learn something new
• Read more
• Talk less, listen more
• Watch less TV
• Write a daily diary
• Donate $10 a month to RoadKill Radio


• Donate to charity
• Eat better
• Exercise more
• Get a (better) job
• Help people
• Play more
• Save money
• Spend more time with family
• Travel more
• Donate $50 a month to RoadKill Radio


• Lose weight
• Move
• Quit drinking
• Quit smoking
• Reduce stress
• Reduce/eliminate debt
• Settle down
• Simplify life
• Work more
• Donate $100 a month to RoadKill Radio

As you might have guessed from my lists, my New Year’s Resolution is to get more people to support RoadKill Radio.

Happy New Year!

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